18 Replies to “Zeus three slot bonus win”

  1. These new machines are set up to pay what they are going to pay you can stop them as much as you want to but you cannot get them to pay until that computer chip say so.You can only sit there and watch as you get screwed. Look at all those free dead spins,sure they let him retrigger but didnt give him much of anything on the spins. These newer machine are Cash Cows for the casinos,they have more penny machines than any other kind and they TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  2. I see so many people on these machines getting the bonuses with the extendable wilds like this one. The last 10 years I've gambled I've hit the button again to stop the spin even though it never stopped on what I saw but rather it stopped, then random things popped up so "stopping" the reels was BS. However, these newer games no crap if eyes fast enough they will indeed stop when you push spin so I never get why players n these vids never hit stop when 2 or 3 Zeus pop up simultaneously!

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