YouTube Character Boris The Slav King Is Getting His Personal Sport, And It is Coming To Transfer

Life of Boris: Super Slav

Now and again you stumble throughout an upcoming Transfer eShop recreation and it completely confuses the hell out of you. The impending recreation Lifetime of Boris: Tremendous Slav via Lithuanian writer SneakyBox can be one such name.

Within the recreation, you soar into the ‘hilarious’ international of YouTube character Boris the Slav King, who has 3.2 million subs to his title. In line with his “” web page, his channel is taken with “slav gaming, way of life, cooking, automotive critiques, animation and tutorials together with finish of month and finances cooking.”

Avid gamers gets to fulfill his distinctive circle of relatives, corresponding to cousin Anatoli and babushka, or his neighbour Vadim, and in finding out what it manner to be ‘Cheeki Breeki’.

We are nonetheless no longer certain what to make of this, so let’s imagine the sport’s options:

• EXPERIENCE a real Slav existence with one and most effective Boris. He’ll display you the actual manner!

• COMPETE with different Slavs in SlavOlympics. Display the gopniks how a lot mayonez you’ll be able to consumption.

• COLLECT all the Boris’ favourite HardBass hits from Uamee, Gopnik McBlyat and DJ Blyatman.

• LEARN particular recipes from Boris’ babushka’s kitchen.

• CUSTOMIZE Boris’ look with specifically made balaclavas.

• DISCOVER the entire conceivable endings of Boris’ adventures. Some would possibly mean you can proceed, some will depart you scratching your head.

Lifetime of Boris: Tremendous Slav lands at the Transfer eShop on 12th November. Will you be checking it out?

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