Your First Time Attending Gamblers Nameless

GamblingAddiction #GamblersAnonymous #ProblemGambling This video is the results of the a couple of query I am getting from people who question me about methods to …

23 Replies to “Your First Time Attending Gamblers Nameless”

  1. You really shouldn't waste your money on the Pistons…bad move! I mean you could donate that 💰 to ummm…a Rocket fan…like me😁

  2. Not a gambler, found video out of curiosity. You are changing lives because your video helps other people visualize their own success. Just showing that phone call was powerful. Actions like these, make you truly wealthy. I have found, the universe brings back what you put out. Don’t doubt your impact – you inspired me.

  3. Thank you for doing this Anton. For many of us, gambling and other compulsive behavior is something that is going to hang over our heads for the rest of our lives. Those closest to us know that we are walking the tightrope so no they don't forget.and we cannot forget either, or we will be right back at it, sooner or later! You might not have it that bad, only time will tell, we all hope you are not one us for your own sake, but we are here if you ever need us!

  4. Thanks for the video. I use to smoke weed and I went to addiction recovery after I got a dui for it. It helped a lot and I’ve gone from smoking weed every day to maybe 2 times a year. I was doing good with gambling too except for the last year. I fell back into it. I have to go back to classes. They for sure helped me. I’m looking forward to going back.

  5. Dude. You broke the rules. Have you heard the rules? No sound or video recordings during the meeting. Do you know why it is anonymous group? When the celebrity or any known people will come they should feel free there.

  6. Anton love your videos; very insightful, thought provoking. I'm in AA, very prominent in bad boys group in Toronto. Regardless of your addiction the steps can help any person live a fulfilled life.

  7. I've tried GA meeting and I decided it's not for me. You're definitely right, its a lot of reading to me and not enough guided help. I went for 3 weeks and couldn't take it no more. The reason being, that's on of the reason I started gambling because I was so depressed and lonely so I started going to the Casino, wrong thing to do because on my father side of the family, that's our family Curse…yes curse. But anyway, GA made me depressed. Just continously hear they damn depressing story and yes they are real, but honestly hearing them story made me run to the Casino. I'm surprised that they let you talk because the first couple of sections, I had to listen, I couldn't speak. I need help but this is not the way for me….I wanna stop badly, this shit has ruined my life.

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  9. Gambler will gamble let him do him gambling will soon or later knock the sense out of him. Is not long term thing full stop better to be wise I run when things get tough otherwise it will be down hill

  10. Man I'm a big fan and I hate asking for money but right now i'm really struggling. I quit gambling about 1 month ago but it's come to bite me in the ass. I have a gofundme up with no donations. And it would medan so much if you could share or donate so that i can get a drivers licence. From a big fan in Sweden 

    I've messaged you pretty much every where and i apoligize for that but i'm at the lowest ive ever been. I really need a drivers licecens but i ruined my life trying to help my family get money through gambling. I know it isn't my place to ask but i hope you can see and relate to what i'm going through and still help me as it would mean the world to me

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