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On paper, YesterMorrow is a in point of fact neat idea for a recreation. A facet-scrolling journey, its major twist is the power to leap between two separate timelines, spaced a number of years aside. You play as Yui, a tender lady whose existence is thrown into disrepair after her house is destroyed and her circle of relatives abducted by means of ‘Shadows’ all over the Competition of Gentle. Wracked with guilt for failing to behave fast sufficient, she units off on an journey to opposite her misfortunes, save her circle of relatives, and attach her previous.

What’s instantly putting with YesterMorrow is its visuals; the sport appears in point of fact slick proper from the beginning. It’s now not pixelated, however the artwork taste utilised definitely provides off a pixelated impact. The characters are ‘chunky’ in an endearing, lovely means, and the environments are bursting with color and character. There are many little main points, from the way in which water ripples whilst you stroll via it, to how Yui’s hair swishes about as you bounce throughout platforms. Oh, and you’ll puppy a lot of animals.

The gameplay is – strangely – in large part devoid of any struggle. It focuses extra at the platforming and puzzle sides, utilising the time shuttle mechanic to change your rapid setting; so for instance, boulders could be blockading a passageway one day timeline, however hopping into the previous will take away this pesky impediment. It really works each techniques, too: you’ll turn a transfer prior to now, return to the long run (come on, we had to get that during there) and regardless of the transfer turns on prior to now will, come what may, nonetheless be ticking alongside one day.

Sadly, the newness of time shuttle wears skinny lovely temporarily. It’s in point of fact the one distinctive facet to YesterMorrow, and the sport’s heavy reliance at the mechanic implies that you’re going to be repeatedly backtracking trodden floor, switching between timelines at such frequency, it quickly turns into somewhat repetitive. As well as, the remainder of the sport’s mechanics – from the platforming to puzzle-solving – are very a lot a case of ‘been there, carried out that’. We’ve observed all of it prior to, and YesterMorrow in the end fails to inject sufficient originality to carry our consideration.

To make issues worse, YesterMorrow at the Transfer is a little bit of a crisis from a technical viewpoint. It strives to hit 30fps as a rule, however there are some distance too many events the place it plummets to a snail’s tempo; such a lot in order that it even reasons enter lag when you are leaping about and warding off enemies. We additionally got here throughout a frankly extraordinary technical hiccup through which flashes of sunshine would come around the display screen, flickering with such depth that it could give Pokémon’s notorious ‘Dennō Senshi Porygon’ TV episode a run for its cash. Take a look at the screenshots above, and also you’ll see what this factor looks as if in a static symbol; it’s a lot worse in movement, thoughts.

It’s an actual disgrace that YesterMorrow plays so poorly, as a result of visually it’s an actual deal with, and it’s sponsored up by means of a beautiful nice soundtrack. Extra importantly even though, its gameplay – whilst purposeful – can’t hang a candle to a recreation like Celeste, and we really feel it in point of fact must have nailed this facet if it’s to achieve success. YesterMorrow is also price a pass if the serious technical problems get ironed out, however it’s not at all a must-buy.

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