Yara Says Jovi's Mother's Meals Has No Taste

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37 Replies to “Yara Says Jovi's Mother's Meals Has No Taste”

  1. A really important rule in a relationship don't talk down on your partner's family especially their mother. Just don't even mention them.

  2. Everyone is saying she just says no and is self-centered, but so is he. They both drag the blanket to their side instead of sharing it lol

  3. Why do Americans have to put up with Ukranians or Russian girls who keep talking back to them in a condescending tone all the time. Girl, if you get a good wedding celebration for free, accept it! Rather than doing it in a court house without a party… You should feel blessed to have found a mother in law who cares about organizing a party for you! Generally it is the other way around!

  4. They're not a good match, he likes to party all the time and she likes to stay at home and live a quieter life, despite her front as a glam girl, I guess this is what fooled him.

  5. It’s very common for people in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus etc, to be very honest and blunt. They don’t beat around the bush and speak their mind.

  6. Omg they are not inlove if they finaly gett to be togheter and all they care about is where they are and what the food teast like 😂

  7. She’s very aggressive and hard to please. If she really had respect for his mom, why would she say that about her cooking.

  8. You re telling me food made from someone from LOUISIANA is not tasty? Girl you should go get those tastebuds checked😅 Louisiana food is delicious everyone knows that

  9. He should have replied with a smile , "Next time you cook a non bland food, it would be really nice of you." to her criticism of food being bland.

  10. I mean some people can't cook & what son is going to agree… on camera… I mean some ppl just don't season their food…

  11. “She’s going to have to learn to like the food if she wants to be part of this family.” Holy shit kid, are you her father?

  12. She does not want to get married in a trailer park ⁉️ LOL 🤪 TLC let’s see the hovel Yara and her mother call ‘ home ‘ ‼️

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