34 Replies to “(Yandere/Sauve Seductive Gambler x listener) "Gambler wins you to be his" [M4A] [Gender Neutral]”

  1. Him* Throwing compliments at me left and right
    *Me someone not used to compliments is like*" Okay what's with all of the compliments I mean I don't mind but damn lol"

    lol love this and the Asmar is very good

  2. 9:32
    He's never gonna give you up
    He's never gonna let you down
    He's never gonna run around and desert you
    He's never gonna make you cry
    He's never gonna say goodbye
    He's never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  3. Does he have a name? Also would love to see how he'd react to someone else getting handsy and pushy with the listener. Yandere mode activated I imagine.

  4. Why the heck does this remind me of my boy. Ok look take away the gandered and gambler. The rest keep. Boom there’s my boy 4 ya

  5. This whole video reminded me of a old memory of when I played poker once with my childhood friends and I won all the fucking rounds and they weren't even going easy I was literally winning, so yea, that was fun, I don't remember how to play poker anymore tho

    I hate the fact that I dont have the cards and dices anymore tho, I quite loved them 🙁

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