3 Replies to “WTF Poker Performs: HANSEN FOLDS THE STRAIGHT FLUSH”

    TABLE FORMAT: https://www.reddit.com/r/gloomshot/comments/injkvb/wtf_poker_plays_hansen_folds_the_straight_flush/

    [00:00] Poker Highlight #1: "Hansen Folds the Straight Flush" clipped by reman12
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    [00:27] Poker Highlight #2: "LETS go JoeIngram rail vibes " clipped by jabote
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    [00:40] Poker Highlight #3: clipped by jabote
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    [01:24] Poker Highlight #4: "А2 филатов" clipped by yinatori
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    [02:19] Poker Highlight #5: clipped by dec3x9
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    [03:18] Poker Highlight #6: "w sumie coś w tym jest" clipped by princeklocek
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    [03:44] Poker Highlight #7: "GOT HIM" clipped by artoflife_
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    [04:28] Poker Highlight #8: "What a runout!" clipped by kevmath
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    [05:28] Poker Highlight #9: "BencbThumbsUp" clipped by wawawinky
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    [05:50] Poker Highlight #10: clipped by mikhalevich
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    [06:17] Poker Highlight #11: "A is coming! and RAJ predicts the future" clipped by jabote
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    [06:42] Poker Highlight #12: clipped by gloomshot v1.6-a
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    [07:22] Poker Highlight #13: "lAST HAND" clipped by gloomshot v1.6-a
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    [07:52] Poker Highlight #14: clipped by sacarybagna_
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