WMS – King of Africa Slot Bonus Function 400x win – Harrah's On line casino and Racetrack – Chester, PA

Bonus Function at the new and tremendous risky King of Africa. I’ve discovered somewhat secret about this sport after banging away for roughly a month now – do not guess the entire traces for those who are not successful. Everybody round me was once making a bet part the quantity of ines and getting a lot more than me. Diminished my guess this consultation and got here out forward. WINNER!

50 Replies to “WMS – King of Africa Slot Bonus Function 400x win – Harrah's On line casino and Racetrack – Chester, PA”

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  3. this is really awesome i go to greek town in detroit this one never or unicorn one never hits.  i have not gotten anything good yet but 30.00   keep it up you are doing awesome love watching your videos

  4. One on the first Slot videos I watched. Oldie but goodie…. The math on that lady lol $5,000 huh? Keep up the great work and good luck on your next session!!

  5. Another loser betting minimum. Why post this on you tube? Better question "stop" lol…what do you possibly expect to win playing a lousy 0.50. I hate people like you that tie up machines betting the least amount and then complain when you don't win shit during bonus.

  6. Online casino's are shit. They give you free chips, but they make you play like 40 times the bonus amount before you can cash out. So if you deposit 50 dollars, you get 50 dollars bonus, and you have to play 50 x 40 = 2000 dollars before can even cash out. Fuck that, I'll go to a real casino instead. Much more fun too.

  7. Very good Mke, now I don't about the lines, but I too discovered these WMS games will favor a low bet.. Can't for life of me figure it out but you are right. Yea max bet would have paid more BUT question…. Would you have gotten bonus as easily? I know its random but I have discovered same with this and Beer Haus, Pirate Ship ect…

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  9. It's all in the presentation "DontQuoteMeBut" … she meant no harm…and I meant no harm. Sorry, you didn't get it. If you were a regular follower of mine, you would have known this happens to me all in the time in the casino and I was poking fun at the situation. Thanks for viewing.

  10. My aunt seriously thinks you can stop it and make the difference….it pisses me off so much LOL. I always tell her, when you hit it, that's when it's already determined ffs!

  11. No, but that doesn't mean that people don't try. I SWEAR these people are multiplying. You start playing a slot, and all of the sudden the person next to you starts jabbing their fingers at the screen, trying to skill-stop the reels. OH MY GOD!! Drives me crazy. Especially when they hold their hand up "in the ready" — as if that's going to do anything!! GAWD, they annoy me. thanks for letting me vent.

  12. I think because my bet was an off one…the celebration didn't go the distance. Happy none the less. Thanks for viewing.

  13. This machine is awesome! I saw your bonus a while back and decided to play it this past weekend. I hit a full screen in the bonus on a 2 cent machine and won $450. One of the best machines pay out-wise I've seen in a long time.

  14. I did a little research on a 50 cent bet,You would have $250 if u get all the lions,I was playing this exact same slot at Cache Creek Resort Sunday.Betting $2.50 I hit all the lions and it's pays $1,2500.00.It's wasn't even on the bonus round.I begin to like these new WMS games.lol

  15. @seph2345 Usually, I always play max lines…but at $1. minimum bet…it can wear on your pocket when a game is very volatile. I noticed others around me were lowering their bet, so I gave it a go.

  16. Beautiful hit… i have a question though… do you usually play 25 lines? or max lines? i usually go max line but only 3x or 4x bet… doesn't seem very rewarding my way i.m.o. what are your thoughts?

  17. @nyphinix13 Thanks for the congrats! I don't think some people can help it. They see you with a camera recording the event, and they pay it no attention. I guess the left and right side of the Brain aren't communicating. LMAO!

  18. @mimbster1972 Thanks mimbster…I'm glad you enjoy my videos. Yes, filtering out the losing spins…is pretty much my style. Some like it, some don't…but I feel most only want to see the winning stuff. Thanks again for viewing!

  19. Btw, your videos are among the best on youtube in terms of creativity, cleanness, clarity. On your other 480+ spin bonus session, it was good editing and filtering out all the non-winning spins and only show the significant wins. That was a good job b/c it would have taken roughly half an hour for that many spins to finish.

  20. @xxdude69xx I agree. But it is hindsight as we all know it. I would love to hit it at max bet but had he been betting at max bet, he may not had been the one hitting it. It's hard to say b/c I just hit so many jackpot at lower bet after max betting for a long time without hitting it.

  21. @xxdude69xx Well, for what I was betting I still consider it to be a great hit. Betting MAX on these games isn't that easy on the wallet.

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