WINNING On The NEW Zorro Wild Journey Slot Gadget!

Additionally performed James Bond slot gadget on the Cosmopolitan on line casino Las Vegas! Experience!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Sign up for my channel club: …

35 Replies to “WINNING On The NEW Zorro Wild Journey Slot Gadget!”

  1. I played Zorro in Las Vegas maybe two years ago or so. I love watching Zorro as kid black and white television series in the 60’s I believe. Congratulations Sarah. 😂💵😎

  2. Wish you played some more traditional games. Most of the ones you play are just confusing and colorful, but I keep watching anyways Must be your charm

  3. IM an old fart to, that is Kananga! you arent old enough to remember these characters, but its ok, fun game, flashbacks! LOL, you go kick ass, cant wait for the next 3 card poker event, I am thinking at least 2 3 card straight flushes young lady!

  4. James Bond, Live and Let Die……..(flash backs of Jane Seymour)………Slot Lady , fun fun! But you are cooler than Jane Seymour :), have an awesome weekend, and by the way, your singing isnt all that bad 🙂

  5. Well thanks for playing some James Bond, wish he would have treated you better. That must be a new one, I haven't played that one yet, I like Thunderball. I'll have to play that Zorro next time I get to Vegas. I'm wishing a big handpay for you, Good Luck!!!

  6. That bond slotgame didn't fire for you today! I was hoping you were going to hit that voodoo bonus spin Sarah! Zorro came to the rescue and redeemed most of your cash back, so not too bad in the end!😬😀😎👌

  7. I really should have seen Live and Let Die by now because my dad is a James Bond superfan; but I haven’t…so I’m just gonna have to make a bunch of New Orleans references in this comment instead. Here goes…

    Dang!!! Who s—t in that slot machine’s gumbo to make it so grumpy?!!! Yikes! That was like someone made a voodoo doll of you and put a pin in your leg, and you cramped up and fell into a swamp and got devoured by a gator! And you didn’t even get an awesome jazz funeral! That is how sour that was! Good grief, Charlie Brown! It’s like getting beignets made with salt instead of sugar! It’s like having a shellfish allergy, but the only thing on the menu is crawfish! It’s like…wait a minute. If I keep this up, this comment is just going to turn into an Alanis Morrissette song. Nevermind. But you get the idea.

    ¡Olé Zorro! I used to watch old episodes of the Disney Zorro TV series from the 1950s when I was a kid. I ran around drawing Z’s on everything I was permitted to because apparently that was super cool to me at that time in my life. Now it’s just called vandalism. 😆

    At any rate, Zorro seems like a super fun game with a lot of potential! Thanks for sharing it with us! Congrats on your win! 🥳🎉💰

    Another fun video as always! 🎰♥️

  8. thanks for the video sarah interesting to see some of these games. makes me feel like playing slots lol i only play the old school cherry slots cause i get confused on the themed ones. that or blackjack, but next time at the casino i will def. try buffalo gold 🙂 gl and cheers

  9. This was the first James Bond movie that had Roger Moore playing James Bond. The guy with the half painted face with the green in the background used to star in 7-Up commercials. Anyone remember those?

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