Win/Loss Observation Land-based vs On-line : playing

Hi All,

I’ve heard various tales about the use of a win/loss remark for deductions. So far as what I’ve heard about land founded casinos is that they’re normally dissalowed on account of the consistency of the use of the cardboard.

So far as on-line casinos move, I might suppose a win/loss remark can be utterly correct and can be allowed.

This after all if I used to be audited. My worry is that I by no means claimed a playing loss. I’ve had W2G’s earlier than and it by no means made sense to deduct. This yr on the other hand, I’ve about $60,000 in W2G’s and $45,000 or so in losses. Will have to I be keen on an audit on this case from by no means reporting a loss to all the unexpected having $45,000 in losses?

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