Willie Nelson Drops a Stunner About Kenny Rogers + ‘The Gambler’

“The Gambler” is Kenny Rogers’ signature music however it nearly wasn’t.

In but any other instance of divine future is the tale of Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson, and the day the 2 nation legends were given in combination to talk about a music referred to as “The Gambler.”

“Over time, him and I have been giant buddies,” reminisced Nelson all over a contemporary interview at the As of late display about Rogers, who kicked the bucket this previous March. “If truth be told, he attempted to get me to document ‘The Gambler’.”


“We have been someplace, I don’t know, and he was once like, ‘I feel you will have to do it’ and he performed it for me and I mentioned, ‘you already know, I feel it’s an ideal music however I don’t suppose I’m going to do it’ as a result of on the time, I used to be doing a music each evening referred to as ‘Crimson Headed Stranger’ which has 100 verses in it,” Nelson persevered within the interview performed through NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager. “I simply didn’t wish to do any other lengthy music, so he mentioned ‘good enough I can document it myself,’ so he did.”

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Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler” Lyrics:
(Don Schlitz)

On a heat summer season’s eve / On a teach certain for nowhere / I met up with the gambler / We have been each too drained to sleep / So we took turns starin’ / Out the window on the darkness / The boredom overtook us / And he started to talk.

He mentioned, Son, I have made a existence / Out of readin’ other folks’s faces / Knowin’ what the playing cards have been / Through the way in which they held their eyes / So if you do not thoughts me sayin’ / I will see you might be out of aces / For a style of your whiskey / I’m going to provide you with some recommendation.

So I passed him my bottle / And he drank down my closing swallow / Then he bummed a cigarette / And requested me for a gentle / And the evening were given deathly quiet / And his confronted misplaced all expression / He mentioned, In case you are gonna play the sport, boy / You gotta learn how to play it proper.

You have to know when to carry ’em / Know when to fold ’em / Know when to stroll away / And know when to run / You by no means depend your cash / When you find yourself sittin’ on the desk / There will be time sufficient for countin’ / When the dealin’s achieved.

Each and every gambler is aware of / That the name of the game to survivin’ / Is knowin’ what to throw away / And knowin’ what to stay / ‘Motive each hand’s a winner / And each hand’s a loser / And the most efficient that you’ll be able to hope for is to die / on your sleep.

And when he completed speakin’ / He grew to become again towards the window / Beaten out his cigarette / And light off to sleep / And someplace within the darkness / The gambler he broke even / However in his ultimate phrases / I discovered an ace that I may stay.

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Refrain

47 Replies to “Willie Nelson Drops a Stunner About Kenny Rogers + ‘The Gambler’”

  1. I cant even. "The Gambler" is Satan. "Wheel of fortune" is the number satan picks for you to die/ be sacrificed for selling your soul for fame and talent. 81 was his number. 8 eternal loop of satan. 1 is a standing serpent. Look up Kenny's logo. You can see 2 8s and 2 1s hidden in there. Look up his dole commercial. He points with 1 finger to a child wearing sunglasses in the shape of 8. Kid on the left Kenny on the right=81. That's just coincidence? Ok look up his "gambler" album cover. Dealer's cards 8 1. The gambler is satan bc when you sell out to him he picks the number you die at… "wheel of fortune". Dolly Parton be "working 9-5" for satan too. Each and every elite is a sell out. Burn in hell. Praise Yahuah. Being sad any of these demon possessed reprobate vessels dies is idolatry. Praising them is idolatry. All celebrities… all politicians… all models…. all musicians… all rich…. Idolatry. Repent. This is the final curtain call. Yahuah's wrath is happening and Yahushua Hamashiach's return is so close. Sheep being led to slaughter. Wake up sheeple. Just look at pictures of any of the above mentioned. You'll start to see the symbols. The patterns… the black and white duality symbolic of FreeMasons and Baphomet. Checkered floors… butterflies…roses (red=sacrifice white=transition to the other realm)✌🤘🖕👌 all those hand gestures. Rain, bathtubs, diamonds…pyramids…all seeing eye. Look at us money. Look at Englands currency(5g and C19 on the hologram) wake up

  2. Hey willie ,! U r one of the main reasons y green is legal now, kenny was probably hit upside the head to many times from dolly's jugs & developed brain damage

  3. A friend of mine mint Willie Nelson in Texas back in the 70s. My friends impression of Willy was he had no morals and his logic was completely twisted. The man had no sense of reality.

  4. Does Willie still hate TRUMP? ……don't tell me everything that is happening in Hollywood is also happening in the music industry…cant wait for all the conspiracy theories ……which normally turn out to be true .
    Did you know Queen Liz of England is wanted in connection with missing native Canadian children in KEMLOOPS RESIDENTIAL school 1964, Buckingham palace is closed, boarded up, ghurkas are guarding the palace and the Royal seal removed from the main gates?….and in todays news it says the queen may not be coming back ( she is supposed to be in self quarentine in Balmoral) . Other conspiracy videos have mentioned she has already been executed for her crimes, along with Phil, Charles Meghan and Harry, not sure about the Meghan and Harry bit…maybe Andrew, yeah!

  5. Good Rising KINGS & QUEENS I wish you "ALL" blessings 🙏 upon blessings upon blessings followed by positive reinforcement and forward progress. I'm by no means a Bible Scholar in anyway shape form or fashion. By i remember vividly that Satan was in charge of music 🎶 in heaven & was created for that purpose before he was casted out of paradise. I humbly say this because if that is true he has use music to reach the masses all over the world. & sometimes & at times when things make to much sense they usually are….. One love peace, strength, unity , & Prayers for ALL PEOPLE(s).
    Brooklyn is watching listening and praying 🙏

  6. Wow! I can finally go to my grave satisfied knowing that one musician passed up the opportunity to sing a song that another musician was going to sing. Oh and that it only happened one other time. Next you'll be telling me that you can buy cheese slices that are individually wrapped.

  7. 1. I cannot believe that all singers who reach fame , has sold their souls. 2. Red Roses represents evil? I just ca'nt believe this, and in these comments, people are reading do deep into all this, like Ya'll looking for stuff. Come on now!

  8. It’s sad what they don’t tell you they did to get their Kenny sold his soul and now he is in hell and Willies right behind him

  9. The Bee Gees wrote the song gambler and gave it to Kenny Roger's and the Kenny tried to give it to Willie when he said no that's when Kenny song the song it wasn't Kenny who wrote the song get your story straight look it up

  10. Uh…lol. too bad both of dem iz wecked 5at4n worshepers along with the rest of the majica unholly wood (falling)$tar$😎💪🙏

    ..and p.s. they didn't write those songs. The songwriter did! Aka-you know who

  11. Well after seeing the rose,name and one eye on this album cover I think ole Willie's time is probably drawing short! Want to know what I'm talking about? go to Tamara Magdalene The Lioness of Yeshua Kenny Rodgers On The Road to Sacrifice

  12. Did you know that Frank Zappa originally offered "Brown Shoes Don't Make it" to Merle Haggard, but Haggard said Zappa could do a much better job with it?

  13. Never did care for cry baby country music. If you screwed up your life because of poor or stupid decisions, then have the guts, gumption, backbone and a pair of other manly parts, to admit your mistakes and set a new course for your life, and stick to it.! Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, listening to cry baby music and complaining about your screwed up life which is totally your own fault. First, stop listening to that bar hoping, slut and whoremonger, slime and low life music. Second, get into the Bible. It will teach you many good things like, don't drink to much, don't cheat on your wife or husband, and so much more. You will learn a Godly set of standards to live your life by. You will learn how to be a good father or mother. You can become a success while everyone around you is a total failure and hopefully set an example for them that will inspire them to turn their failed life's around become a Godly person. I know this type of music is predominantly in the Southeastern part of the USA and I thank God that I live in a far away and in a totally different part of the US. Wishing you success and a blessed life, Jack.

  14. Don Schlitz was 23 when he wrote it. Bobby Bare, Don Schlitz and Johnny Cash all recorded it before Kenny Rogers did. If you listen to their versions, you'll understand why Kenny's is the one that caught on.

  15. Willie doing it while accompanied on accoustic, it would have been haunting and special, as an alternative version to Kenny's classic. Perhaps he can still record it ?

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