Will The Bluff Paintings?! | $25,000 WPT & Extra Highstakes Poker Highlights w/ Bencb

Highlights from Circulate Week 2.zero together with the $25000 WPT and extra highstakes poker motion with Bencb! Appreciated this video? Subscribe now so that you by no means omit …

33 Replies to “Will The Bluff Paintings?! | $25,000 WPT & Extra Highstakes Poker Highlights w/ Bencb”

  1. Bonomo is so bad its quite ridiculous actually. You guys have to look at his heads up match vs Fedor in the wsop 25k. He reshoved q3 off suit for +30 blinds against a single raise

  2. Hi Ben 👋🏻

    Jetzt kommt mal zur Abwechslung eine Frage von einem Landsmann 😄

    Wie gut oder schlecht sind die Poker Spiele in deutschen Spielbanken? Wie Deep sollte man in nem 2/4 NL hold em spielen?

    Ich spiele aktuell noch micros online würde allerdings vllt 1-2 mal im Monat ins Casino gehen und vorher wissen wie gut oder schlecht der Durchschnittsspieler in Deutschland ist.

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles gute 🍀

    Grüße aus Frankfurt 😄

  3. LOL ……..dreammmm machineeeeee

  4. People criticising Bonomo's KJ don't understand that he's been running way above expectation in tourneys for the last 15 years.

  5. Yo Ben! 21:08 – we waiting for the opp. desicion for 30sec, and he calls, and you even don't show his hand to us! That's a crime man.
    (I'll bet on queens).

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