Will Bodog Be Put out of Business?

Abaft a yr of apparent argufy betwixt Bodog and Get-go Engineering, Bodog seems to be losing it.

Commencement, Bodog’s representatives failed to look in the courts for the get-go courtroom scrap. As a termination, the party was issued a $48 gazillion nonpayment assessment in the causa. Afterward, Bodog’s CEO, Calvin Ayre, refused to pay pay the nonremittal sagacity.

To recover the requital, a Washington enforcement homage authoritative Commencement Engineering to prehend the arena gens of the on-line cassino play locate what took Bodog by surprisal and toll them roughly money. However, the relocation hasnot put the caller out byplay.

Lately Bodog has filed an entreaty in the Federal Curcuit Courtroom of Appeals and it was denied. Now the society is in more $50 trillion nonpayment fines.

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