Why Lady Says She Fears Good friend Is ‘Playing With His Well being, With His Frame, And With His Thoughts’

Frenchy says she helps other people having cosmetic surgery however fears that her best possible pal, Oli, goes to the extraordinary.

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“What I don’t trust is he need[s] to hurry to do again to again to again, to again surgical treatment,” Frenchy says.

Oli says he has had a large number of surgical procedures to turn into himself into his Okay-pop idol, Jimin – and has even had 5 surgical procedures in sooner or later.

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Watch the video above to determine what came about when Oli had surgical treatment in Korea after mendacity to his physician.

“Oli is playing together with his well being, together with his frame, and together with his thoughts, and that’s what scare[s] me, as a result of everyone knows cosmetic surgery will also be improbable, however it will possibly additionally transform a nightmare,” Frenchy says.

On Thursday, listen what Dr. Phil says considerations him about Oli’s habits. Test right here to peer the place you’ll watch.

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35 Replies to “Why Lady Says She Fears Good friend Is ‘Playing With His Well being, With His Frame, And With His Thoughts’”

  1. Is someone gonna tell this fool that not only is he putting himself at risk, but also his doctors by lying to them?! They ask him real questions, he lies, they do the procedure and there are complications – that can put them and their practice in serious trouble. That is extremely selfish of him.

  2. He used to be attractive….Sounds like body dysmorphia

    Thankfully because of technology now doctors just need to look you up on YouTube before doing a valuation and find out who you are and find you not fit for surgery because you will lie.

  3. U gotta give it to Frenchy. She knows that Oli is not right. She knows the Oli needs some serious help. She knows and has told him that what he's doing is wrong. Shes even told him that he's not Jimin and he freaked out on her. So good for Frenchy for confronting Oli abt his obsessions

  4. I feel so bad for Jimin. This is just weird. He loves him but he also is paying mortgages on surgery’s to look like him. Smh.

  5. It’s kind of cute because he obviously love him a lot but I feel bad for him at the same time that he can’t be himself. But yeah he seems very sweet

  6. I think she seems like a good friend. Yeah she obviously is really into plastic surgery, and it doesn't seem like she's worried about his plastic surgery but the way he's doing it. She's absolutely right that he is risking his life by not telling the doctors the truth and trying to do too much too fast. Dude needs to slow down and listen to her and not risk his life like that. Otherwise he's gonna be dead and then who cares what he looks like.

  7. i know frenchy looks like that and it doesn't help with her point but sometimes you do hold your friends to a higher standard than you do yourself, which is what she does i think. she is in the show for attention but no doubt she is a good friend.

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