Why does Future have such a lot of orbs?

The Future sequence’ distinctive, “legendary sci-fi” atmosphere has at all times lent it an air of heightened thriller. However for my cash, essentially the most constantly inscrutable part of the sequence is its perplexing obsession with orbs. From its crackling balls of power to the large, god-like sphere that hovers during the last town on Earth, inscrutable orbs are pervasive in Future’s gameplay, UI, and lore.

Within the video above, I examine as most of the sport unknowable spheres as I may so as to higher perceive why the sport is so fixated on balls. In an try to know how Bungie communicates concepts to avid gamers, I spoke to Ryan Klaverweide, who labored at the Future sequence’ UI and iconography for just about a decade. My analysis helped me know how the video games’ many inspirations and references are related to some of these orbs, however you’ll have come to a decision for your self if I deciphered why Future is so orb-obsessed.

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