Why do not American odds get started at 0? : playing

First a little bit pre-thought to this: The majority of folks do not perceive American odds, or frankly any playing odds in any respect. Which would possibly appear logical for non-gamblers, but if I check out to give an explanation for it (two reputedly simple sentences), many of us nonetheless do not get it. To the purpose that I’m wondering what number of sports activities gamblers do not even perceive them. So any simplification would lend a hand, it kind of feels.

That stated, regardless, I have all the time puzzled why American odds are how they’re, why they begin at 100. Now not simplest do you want a + or – in entrance of the quantity, however you currently wish to say “That is how a lot you’re going to win when you wager $100” adopted via “And if it is unfavorable, that is how a lot it’s a must to wager to win $100.”

However once more, without reference to how “difficult” it’s, or how onerous it could be to give an explanation for to any individual, it is merely bizarre and pointless. Why would not you merely get started at 0? So you would see odds of 25 vs 350, as an alternative of -400 vs 350. Then it is actually “That is how a lot you’ll be able to win when you wager $100”. Achieved.

Who the hell got here up with the +-100 approach of doing it, and why?

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