Why Barstool Gamblers By no means Wager the Below

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43 Replies to “Why Barstool Gamblers By no means Wager the Below”

  1. I got hooked for a while betting under in soccer games. I could never pick the over for some reason. I'd like to wait for the game to have 10 to 15 minutes left + stoppage time ( and the long stoppage times we're brutal) and then pray no one scores. It would usually payout 25% or 35%.

  2. The under flu… Flunder-19…or just flunda… Flunday Sunday – betting the unders all Sunday… Goodell is the mayor of Flundistan…and FUCK GOODELL

  3. lmao that title is golden. As a betting man ive gotten fucked over so much by betting the over. betting under in basketball can be fun because you just want players tossing up bricks lol

  4. In Australia. You can pick your own over / under on any player of any game in the NBA. Points (total points, 3's made), rebounds, assists. Quarter winner, half winner, game winner.

    Americans call it parley, in Australia we call it a "multi".
    2 leg multi, 5 leg multi…

    You can stack all your picks of a game into one, increase the odds.

    All from your phone, on the couch at home and it's legal.

  5. At first I didn’t like Trista and thought she was a mole 🤷🏻‍♂️….but I really like the series of videos/content she has put out since being with the company I think she’s coming into her own

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