What number of of you still gamble with none lifestyles converting wins? : playing

*I’m recently on a shedding streak, so I basically made this put up purpose I’m reflecting on my errors.

I’ve been playing for 10 yr now (lotto, playing cards, dfs, slots, and many others). I’m without a doubt down total however I had some excellent instances in there. I’ve had some wins like 50-100x of my guess however none of those had been lifestyles converting wins. And I ultimately lose all of it again. A part of the enchantment of playing I believe is for those lifestyles converting wins. I ponder what number of of yall proceed to playing when you have no longer received one thing excellent? Why do maximum of you gamble? Have a few of you prevent chasing and do exactly small bets?

I’m considering I must most likely gamble with much less of my bankroll and search for higher EV (like upper price slots and dfs). With the extra timeI have, I must search for different leisure pursuits that experience extra steadiness (get again to taking part in sports activities, cooking ).

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