24 Replies to “WHAT DID THIS YOUTUBER DO? | The Gambler – Episode 3 | Get away The Night time”

  1. In conclusion, Justine is a misunderstood character and I think she could make it far if the Andrea Incident didn't happen.

  2. I think Justine wasn’t given a chance in S4. Because she got those two guesses wrong, she was attacked by the group. So if she didn’t get those votes, she might’ve not died.

  3. I feel like she did quite a lot for the episodes she was in. I think if she reasoned with the group about the Andrea incident she would have made it far or escaped

  4. it makes me so sad that justine was thrown into the andrea situation. i've watched all the bts of season 1, and it looks like andrea was closest with tim. and when andrea died, tim said: "you let my friend die, justine." So why didn't andrea pick tim to save her?! dhajdbdjsk

  5. Justine would've live longer if she convinced or explain better to the group but still love her and also love the vid ❤️

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