28 Replies to “What Can We Be told From Skilled Gamblers?: Dylan Evans at TEDxWestlake”

  1. He slipped and said poker players twice over blackjack and sports betting..

    That's what's known as a tell…He's definitely a poker player…and from that tell, he needs to work on his game.. 😎

    BTW "Expert" is the wrong adjective when trying to describe a PROFESSIONAL gambler..

    However. in England they also drive on the wrong side of the road..so "expert" may be on point, in his English Michael Caine sort of mindset.. 😎

  2. I recommend the movie 'Rounders' for those who like this subject. Good movie exploring these aspects – particularly John Turturro's work-like approach vs Matt Damon/Ed Norton characters' approach.

  3. This is just superb, been searching for "betting tips football weekend" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Ziyonnor Meyameron Cure – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  4. If you think you are a professional gambler. Then i have something for you. It's easy to learn and there is earning also. Just you must have mindset like me. And we'll win. Are you interested? then drop message in reply.
    Im waiting…

  5. When a person wants to gamble and doesn't want to use their own money, they find ways to convince others. Some use Statistical Inference and Risk Intelligence to support their arguments.

  6. Here is an example of a poor communicator, though knowledgeable ,failed to put across his thoughts in a simple, elegant manner and share practical and actionable insights. Instead watch LIV BOERLEE on the same subject who has 2 talks on this subject. Just brilliant! It's on TED website. Watch the 5 minute talk first ( 3 lessons in decision making..)

  7. My first reaction is to classify you as an absolute moron but after thinking about this it is not the best description. You are a fraud. There are no blackjack players that earn an income playing at house odds. Exactly zero!!!! I am curious as to how you don't know this simple fact or do you know? I am puzzled as how you can have students? Then you go on to talk about poker. Show some examples of professional players. I want to see their homes and annual income. Why aren't the best famous because of their wealth? The same with horse racing. Did you know that 15 per cent is raked of each bet? You are encouraging people to bet and profiting from it. TedTalks is a dangerous place to visit!! You make me so angry.

  8. The pain I’m going through I wish on nobody. I’m always angry or sick or sad. Life has took a toll on me especially in the last year

  9. Amazing how someone can take a thought expand it into 15 minutes of drivel. Add in the percieved legitimacy of a douchbag island accent. And wala you've got a venue that can demand 5k per seat. Ted talks really have become a racket. So many people willing to pay big dollars in their addiction to virtue signaling or quest for appearing intelligent while they job knob amongst other snarky inteligestas.

  10. I'm a life long gambler, and here's something you can learn from me: if you have an edge, or advantage, no matter how small, with enough time it can reap substantial rewards.

  11. Not all gamblers are fools. The vast majority are, though, because: they bet on games that have the worst odds, such as Keno, Big Six and Slots. Even if they play the games with the odds least against them, such as Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat, they often don't know the best strategies and even worse don't know how to manage money. A study was done in Las Vegas casinos a while back which showed at any given time, 71% of gamblers were up (had more money than they started with)….what percentage of people left with more than they started …..5%

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