WandaVision villain Agatha Harkness, defined by way of the comics

This week’s episode of WandaVision discovered Imaginative and prescient returning to the Hex, Wanda coping with the tension of her movements, Agnes as much as her previous methods, Jimmy and Monica plotting a brand new option to spoil into Westview, and Darcy taking part in a task within the exchange fact for the primary time. Episode 7 additionally ended with a large flip, one that exposed some other hidden Surprise Comics personality and spells out the scale of the overall two episodes of the tv tournament.

We all know extra now about what’s been going down in Westview than ever prior to, and all of it may level to a last war of words with one of the vital biggest powers within the Surprise Universe.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for WandaVision through episode seven.]

The Fantastic Four and Agatha Harkness, an elderly lady with a shock of white hair, holding her black cat, Ebony, in Fantastic Four #94, Marvel Comics (1970).

Agatha Harkness greets the Implausible 4 on the door of her creepy mansion.
Symbol: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby/Surprise Comics

In “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” the display unearths that Wanda’s chatty neighbor Agnes has in point of fact been (sing it with me) Agatha all alongside. She’s the witch Agatha Harkness, and he or she’s been at the back of lots of the occasions in Westview that Wanda didn’t create herself. She created the recast Pietro, she manipulated the Imaginative and prescient into figuring out that one thing was once mistaken, and she even killed Sparky.

Agatha is a personality from the mystical facet of the Surprise Universe, whose earliest adventures have been with the Implausible 4 (a connection that may be pertinent with upcoming plans for a FF film, and rumors of Reed Richards WandaVision cameo.) Despite the fact that giving off the entire vibes of “creepy previous witch who’s no doubt were given nefarious schemes” she in most cases used her magical powers to assist them struggle more than a few supernatural threats, in addition to having a look after Reed and Sue’s child, Franklin. Sooner or later, as a part of a strategy of revamping the Scarlet Witch’s powers as magical in starting place relatively than genetics, creator Steve Englehart had Wanda find out about the mystic arts beneath Agatha.

Since then, Agatha has been essentially tied to Scarlet Witch tales. She and Wanda have an advanced courting, however have been infrequently true enemies. It was once in an Agatha-related come upon that the Scarlet Witch used some captured magical power to create youngsters for herself and the Imaginative and prescient, and it was once Agatha who later resurfaced to provide Wanda the dangerous information that that “captured magical power” was once a work of the satan’s soul that he sought after again.

Talk of the satan, wherein I imply Mephisto

Agnes/Agatha Harkness in WandaVision

Symbol: Surprise Studios

Enthusiasts had been theorizing for weeks that WandaVision would introduce the Surprise Comics personality of Mephisto to the MCU, in line with the display’s hexagon motif, however Agatha’s presence is the most powerful indication but.

Mephisto is necessarily the satan of the Surprise Comics universe. It may well be more straightforward to checklist superheroes who haven’t had a run in with him than those that have. He performed a supporting position within the authentic Infinity Gauntlet tale that Avengers: Infinity Struggle was once in line with. He’s a routine villain for Physician Extraordinary. He featured in large part in probably the most arguable Spider-Guy tales of the final 20 years. Within the comics, Wanda’s dual boys have been by accident comprised of fragments of his soul.

In a 1989 tale arc of Avengers West Coast, Mephisto unmade little Billy and Tommy so he may get his soul items again. Agatha, in what she concept was once a merciful gesture on the time, wiped the Scarlet Witch’s reminiscence of her youngsters to avoid wasting her the ache of mourning them. So there’s a historical past of Agatha being round for probably the most irritating moments in Wanda’s existence.

However WandaVision’s Agatha turns out considerably extra villainous than her comedian e-book counterpart, probably with direct ties to Mephisto, if the imprecise Satanic imagery in her secret basement lair is anything else to move by way of. The reader may additionally wish to imagine Agnes’ oft spoken of however in a different way unseen husband “Fred,” and the selection of “witch” tales that depict them as figurative or literal brides of the satan.

Is Agatha’s presence a lock for a Mephisto expose? May Monica’s Ecu physicist touch be longtime Implausible 4 villain and science wizard Victor von Doom? We’ll need to music in for 2 extra weeks of WandaVision to determine.

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