Wallachia: Reign Of Dracula Overview (Transfer)

French studio Migami Video games made a reputation for itself with very good Castlevania fan video games like The Lecarde Chronicles 1 and 2, however fan video games don’t stay the lighting fixtures on or put meals at the desk, so the group has understandably embraced business ambitions with Wallachia: Reign of Dracula. One would possibly be expecting that, given Migami’s pedigree and the presence of a definite world-famous literary vampire, that this may be a Castlevania-type recreation with the serial numbers filed off. However in observe, it’s in fact slightly other, in particular being that the heroine, Elcin, wields a bow and arrow as her primary weapon. It leads to a recreation that feels extra like a vintage run-and-gun similar to Contra or Rolling Thunder, with a tiny little bit of Shinobi jumbled in for just right measure.

Elcin is slightly flexible together with her bow and will shoot in 8 instructions, however she additionally wields a sword, which isn’t simplest helpful for close-quarters fight however can be used to slice enemy projectiles in mid-air. Particular arrows with restricted ammunition will also be discovered as neatly, come with piercing arrows, explosives, and three-way projectiles. Arrows can be charged by means of preserving down the assault button for extra tough blows.

Elcin may be accompanied by means of the spirits of 4 helpers, whose talents will also be decided on at any time and activated whilst you’ve gathered sufficient orbs. The white wolf Silviu blazes around the display whilst Radu fires a flare that assaults the entirety at the display. Providing other utilities, Christian can grant brief invincibility whilst Konstantin can reinforce your arrows. Reasonably than floating candles or orbs, power-u.s.are dropped by means of useful birds that automatically fly on the peak of the display, requiring that you just pay cautious consideration to them and shoot them correctly so you’ll take hold of their sweets. Enemies frequently drop pieces too, encouraging you to slaughter as lots of them as conceivable.

Whilst many trendy indie unfashionable throwbacks attempt to be offering some concessions to the participant by means of making the trouble point extra manageable, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula has little persistence for such issues. It’s very a lot patterned after eight and 16-bit taste motion video games, entire with checkpoints and restricted lives. There is a very simple mode, however in vintage Konami taste, you’ll simplest play partway in the course of the recreation sooner than being requested to problem a more difficult mode.

There are limitless continues, plus you’ll bounce to any point you’ve been to when beginning the sport, necessarily permitting you to avoid wasting your growth, so it’s no longer completely hardcore – nevertheless it’s surely a recreation that expects you to play, and die, and replay, a number of instances till you’ve memorized the extent layouts and boss patterns, and evolved enough methods to conquer them. A lot of the sport is slightly beneficiant with this, with considered checkpoints and brief ranges, even though the final two transform slightly a little much less forgiving. Elcin can take 4 hits by means of default, so that you’ve were given extra space for error than on your reasonable Contra recreation.

For essentially the most section, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula performs really well, providing complete keep watch over over your personality’s jumps and double jumps, and a button that helps to keep Elcin in position whilst you goal in any course (even though there’s no approach to strafe). A couple of keep watch over quirks manifest; there’s a slide transfer that’s completed by means of urgent down and bounce, which is straightforward to make use of by accident, and best friend particular assaults can’t be used when ducking, for some explanation why. There’s additionally an occasional glitch the place Elcin shoots out blanks when firing a circulation of arrows. It’s uncommon sufficient that it’s no longer an enormous drawback, however it’s noticeable.

The trouble, then again, does include some kinks frequently observed in vintage 2D motion video games. The best friend particular assaults are vastly overpowered, they usually’re simply essentially the most best approach to cheese bosses. If you happen to’ve controlled to play the level right through with out demise, then you definately most likely have sufficient orbs to easily crush the end-of-level father or mother. In the meantime, in case you die all the way through the boss struggle, all your ammo is depleted, making it slightly a little harder, albeit no longer not possible. Many power-ups, in particular those that beef up your guns, disappear whilst you get hit, one thing that limits their usefulness.

The visuals in Wallachia: Reign of Dracula are similar to Migami Video games’ different titles, using upper answer pixel artwork than maximum different unfashionable video games. A pleasing contact is that the sport is primarily based extra at the historic Vlad Tepes than Bram Stoker’s literary introduction (and the various film monsters it impressed) that have a tendency to be featured in Castlevania video games. Many of the fodder enemies are human infantrymen, and more difficult foes come with catapults, cavalrymen, and wood tanks. There’s even a chairman struggle that’s simply towards a small clock tower. That’s to not say there aren’t any supernatural enemies, even though – it’s simple to omit that “Dracul” way “dragon”, which is the shape the villain takes for the overall boss struggle. Probably the most battlefields also are stuffed with fallen infantrymen skewered on stakes, the horrific interest that earned the actual Vlad Tepes his notorious popularity.

The soundtrack is superb as neatly, with tune that’s catchy in the similar manner as vintage Castlevania tunes whilst nonetheless wearing their very own distinctive id. Wallachia: Reign of Dracula additionally takes its tale slightly critically, hiring peak title Kira Buckland (2B from NieR: Automata) because the voice of Elcin, with Robert Belgrade (the unique voice of Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening) showing as Radu. That’s slightly a little of effort put into it, bearing in mind that the plot is most commonly just a few bits of debate interspersed within the ranges and a few interstage narration. It is a disgrace, then, than the static paintings which accompanies the cutscenes seems to be so primitive.

At seven phases, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula isn’t too lengthy, and whilst the trouble would possibly appear prime in the beginning, it’s nonetheless one thing that may be conquered with some tenacity. A difficult problem mode is to be had, in addition to a number of “demanding situations” for acting top-level feats, like beating a level with out getting hit. The sport additionally helps to keep data of best possible instances, making it a just right candidate for pace runs. There’s even an unlockable dress permitting Elcin to decorate up as Miriam from Bloodstained.


It may well be extra old-school than different identical video games, however Wallachia: Reign of Dracula nonetheless gives rewarding motion, skilful point design, and a few very good tune. With Konami reputedly content material to sleep on its common Castlevania collection in the interim – out of doors of smartphone video games, in fact – this (along the likes of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and its sequel) may well be as shut as we are prone to get to a brand-new “old-school” Castlevania day out on Transfer. It is a just right activity, then, that Migami Video games is aware of Konami’s franchise so neatly that it has created a actually convincing imitation – however one that has sufficient concepts of its personal to stand proud of its inspiration.

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