Wall Boulevard is Playing with Your 401(okay) – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, and John MacGregor

There are lots of explanation why public worker pension budget have grown so speedy and one among them is guarantees. Governors and legislatures made pension guarantees to public workers. The issue used to be and nonetheless is that those governors and legislatures didn’t fund the pensions to check their guarantees. As a option to the issue, within the 1980s, Wall Boulevard started promoting pension forums prime possibility “credit score belongings.” 

The financially illiterate pension overseers blindly purchased up those belongings.

To make issues worse, as public pensions failed to satisfy their overly positive go back assumptions, Ted Siedle, Co-Writer of Who Stole My Pension writes in his newest article in Forbes says, “Now the Division of Exertions has prepared the ground for fairness “wolves” to promote the best price, best possibility, maximum secretive investments ever devised via Wall Boulevard to 401(okay)s. As non-public fairness is embraced, 401(okay) prices will skyrocket, possibility will dramatically build up and transparency will plummet.” 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and visitors Ted Siedle and John MacGregor speak about how companies charged with protective traders and retirement plans are taking larger dangers and charging larger charges with a newly proposed exemption via the Securities & Change Fee. 

John MacGregor, Writer of The Best 10 Causes the Wealthy Pass Broke: www.johnmacgregor.internet

Ted Siedle, Co-Writer Who Stole My Pension: www.siedlelawoffices.com

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42 Replies to “Wall Boulevard is Playing with Your 401(okay) – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, and John MacGregor”

  1. Gold, silver and Bitcoin may be great but you can't eat them so I'm stocking up with FOOD which will last, tinned food, flour, pasta etc.

  2. Protece Yourselves. The coming collapse is all by design, inevitable and everything said in this video is true. Buy Silver NOW. It will protect your purchasing power because it will go up in value as the dolllar dies and purchasing power in the sollar evaporates because it takes so many dollars to buy anything., i.e. envision a loaf of bread costing $10.00 or more. Thiey call this inflation. Silver right now (But not for long) is cheap. Even if you can only afford to buy one coin at a time DO IT and keep buying every paycheck. Just keep buying it. SD Bullion, JM Bullion are just 2 places you can buy from if you don't know where else. You will hold the silver until you need to start to sell it but when you sell it it will be worth a heck of a lot more than you paid for it. That is how you retain your purchasing power. The silver will go up in value while the dollar goes down.

  3. Robert I love your show and ever since I joined my company and listening to what you said about silver and bitcoin I would to get a chance to get on your show to discuss it with you and help everyone prepare for what to come thank you

  4. We're going to start off with some bad news before we get into the bad news. Then we might follow it up with some bad news as we transition into the bad news, and then we're going to finish up with more bad news… When can we get some good news!! :(. or is good news not part of the "new normal"

  5. Hello Mr. Kiyosaki, I try to look at the big world picture, will it be to much conspiracy that the SARS CoV 2 was to reduce the pension problem?

  6. Are you saying that all that cops on huge pentions " who wish to be honesto" and mostly sell drugs,defend drug dealers ,cover crimes for money,did hits for mafia…. They easy get petions 11000-23000$ a month! What happened with they pentions?

  7. How do you “watch” your pension? I was told that they can’t tell me how much is even there or what I’m expected to get.

  8. I left Hawaii also 2 years ago. I had to quit my unstable job in a hospital for 28 years. , Cobra payment was $700 a month, insane. I took out my pension and cashed it out, sold my apartment in Honolulu and moved overseas.The truth is Hawaii has become unaffordable, I got tired of working 2 jobs , just to survive and pay my bills. So, no more anxiety and stress. The best decision I have ever made. If I got sick in the USA, I would be broke and homeless. I knew it damn it , I rolled over my 401k. Don’t trust the hospital I worked for Banks and financial institutions I had a bad gut feeling to get the hell out of dodge

  9. What aggravates me most about this video is that these guys are promoting a book they wrote together, so obviously, they want the book to sell, but this is tantamount to telling those who are stuck in pensions – "Hey, spend your money on my book so I can tell you that if you're in a pension, that's a bad idea." Most people who are already in a pension have no other choice but to be in that pension. If those people are (or were as the case may be with some) smart, they also put their money in other forms of investments and do not (did not) rely solely on their pensions. I've been reading Robert Kiyosaki's books since the mid-90s, he has likely made most of his money from the sales of those books. Especially the ones that MML businesses like Herbalife promoted and touted in their heyday.

  10. Robert the info you supply is priceless. I hope people can see the locomotive coming down the tracks, and they get out of the way. Thanks for sharing this information. I think this dollar crash, and the reckless printing of dollars is orchestrated. I can't imagine these idiots in the Federal Reserve dont know what this massive printing is leading to..

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  12. People should managed their own money, not giving to these scammers to have the power to steal from them. Empowering the corrupt !!

  13. I'm completely out of paper currency and protected myself with Physical Silver in my own possession and Litecoin taken off the exchanged and held in my possession on a paper wallet!!

  14. In the UK 30 years ago annuities were paying 17% ,today your doing well too get 4.5%. The pension scheme I'm in the shareholders get 10% of profits then it is taxed 20% ,management charges are 1.5% ,before the invester gets he's cut

  15. I love your broadcasts – I am in the Uk, and know very little about finance – I have always thought the whole thing is a scam , but never knew why I thought this. Your talks inspire me to get informed – it’s a big wall to me, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Thanks so much !

  16. The stock market is full of Zombie companies, isn't it? so precious metals will be stolen by the government and devalued – I can't see how any of us can escape because anything left will be sucked up to the top 1% as before.

  17. While you argue about your government incompetence, China recovers everyday and no they didn’t make up the virus. Excuses for the incompetent exceptional fools !!

  18. Are the teachers pensions safe in Florida for Professors? I have been listening to you Robert since March 2020, I had my friend who is a Professor in Florida.
    He did not like anything you said about pensions. He said he was protected. I think he is in denial.

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