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27 Replies to “VINTAGE ANIMAL PLANTER JACKPOT! | Amusing Reveals Vintage Mall HAUL”

  1. When you said name the plate girl, immediately I said Esmeralda, and then you said Esmeralda!!!! What?!?! That must be who she is!

  2. Hi, Esmeralda makes me think of Bewitched. I like Ruby. Tfs
    P.S Jaguar, Leopards and Cheetahs all have spots. They're all differently shaped, the Cheetah is more like a polka dot like yours. Yours is just missing 90% of what it should have.

  3. Hi Misty! Watch Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. They have Leopards
    But not Cheetahs. It’s a sanctuary and/or rescue for mostly retired cats. Several people from the Dayton, OH moved down there to volunteer and/or work there after that freak owner let out all his wild animals before committing suicide. Many were shot to death by sheriff deputies which was horrible.

  4. Misty you nailed the name, it fits her perfect. I would love to see a shipping video with you and Jeffery, how fun would that be to watch!!

  5. I’m excited about the animal theme live sale!!! I’m the one who suggested the idea for animals. 😻 I’m an animal and thrifting lover. LOL 😂

  6. Hi Misty, I watched your videos a long time ago. Just wondered if you still have your brick and mortar store? Cheers 😃😃😃

  7. She looks like a Tessa you me. I am crazy about craving- the perfect patina. Do you have a video about care of air plants?

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