40 Replies to “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Spelunky 2: Dying Roulette #17”

  1. so, for people who do play death roulette, how do you get your money back if you bust out? Does it reset per stream? what's the situation?

  2. Vinny having a super blessed run and then just yeeting it into the abyss with several back to back big mistakes inflicted severe psychic damage…
    Gratz on finally doing a really clean Olmec fight though

  3. I think Vinny gets way too nervous with poison, even with the Kapala. If you're going through levels quick and fight blood filled enemies, you can make it pretty far.

  4. I'm waiting for the one time when Vinny will wind up a massive ''UUUUUUH!!!'' in mimicking the death sounds of unga bungas. I know it's gonna happen one of these days. He's gonna do it. the temptation will overcome his better judgement one of these days.

  5. I don't get it when people take the Game Awards too seriously… They're supposed to be fun; a celebration of games, at least to me. I'm sure many others agree. It ultimately doesn't matter who wins. That said, it's still enjoyable to root for who you want to win. It's just to be something fun, really. Well, some categories, like "influencer of the year"… Yeah, we don't really need that one.

  6. After LISE Project clears the main game and saves like half of the people stuck on the moon, old man John Guy Spelunky returns to the caves to gamble away and make some mad, treasure hunting cash. In ten years, Vinny will be on the moon doing the same thing, giving into his gambling addiction and screaming about moles.

  7. "Guy Spelunky"
    "Manfred Tunnel" (& his sister/wife)
    I see this trend that might or might not be connected to "John turok"

    also question, what happened to guy's wife / Anna's mom
    edit: NEVER MIND POG

  8. It’s so weird whenever Vinny tames a turkey while not playing as LISE project, because I’ve gotten used to the beeping noise.

  9. You don't need the black market hat (Hedjet) to get the Ankh, just killing Olmec gives the Ankh. The Hedjet is used with other items to give you access to secret areas, and also lets you pull Excalibur (so you only need the Hedjet or Vlad's Crown for it, whichever is easiest for you to get).

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