Vanessa Marzavan – Rihanna – "Russian roulette" – Subsequent Big name

Vanessa Marzavan uimeste juriul cu vocea ei impecabila., Subsequent Big name, Antena 1, 17-10-2013. Mai multe momente cu copiii extraordinari de l. a. Subsequent Big name: …

27 Replies to “Vanessa Marzavan – Rihanna – "Russian roulette" – Subsequent Big name”

  1. Вот именно с этой девочкой – хочется исполнить несколько ярких вокальных партий!! Очень чистый голос и потенциал богатый

  2. Vanessa, you are so serious; you make my revolver useless, you killed me but I have to listen
    over & over to you just to stay alive/ merci that face*

  3. Mamaaaaa,ma iau nervii.Aprecieri ptr copiii romani,de ce nu interpreteaza cantece in limba romana?????Avem slagare….hellooooooooo

  4. Cool, she can end up in a disney music franchise, then a few years laters, end up sexualising herself at 200% to try to change fanbase.

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