Valorant patch 1.09 notes: Operator nerfs, Viper and Brimstone buffs

Revolt Video games has been speaking about bringing an Operator nerf to Valorant for some time now, and with patch 1.09 the instant has in spite of everything arrived. The brand new patch additionally brings some wider weapon nerfs, and a couple of adjustments to Brokers like Jett, Viper, and Brimstone.

This patch’s greatest exchange, and most probably one of the most greatest adjustments that Valorant has won to this point, are the nerfs to the Operator sniper rifle. The only-shot-kill rifle now prices 5,000 credit, up from 4,500, and its fireplace price has dropped from 0.75 to 0.6 rounds consistent with 2d. The weapon additionally takes longer to equip, reasons avid gamers to transport rather extra slowly when zoomed in, and does much less injury for leg pictures now. After all, because of the Op’s total chronic, it’s nonetheless prone to be one of the most highest and most well liked weapons within the sport, nevertheless it shouldn’t be slightly so dominant anymore.

The patch’s different adjustments come with a nerf to leaping and capturing, which is able to make avid gamers misguided for rather longer when they land from a leap. As for Brokers, Jett’s Blade Hurricane Burst Hearth shall be a bit bit weaker at lengthy levels now, Viper will get started rounds with 100 gasoline as an alternative of 50, and Brimstone’s power-up will give avid gamers a 15% bonus to firing velocity as an alternative of 10%.

For a complete have a look at the entire adjustments coming to Valorant in patch 1.09, you’ll in finding the patch notes beneath.

Valorant patch 1.09 notes

Agent Replace



  • Up to date projectile VFX to higher constitute its hitbox, particularly when it’s touring in opposition to your POV

We’re keeping track of the whole chronic degree of Paranoia, however as a primary step sought after to get to the bottom of visible problems the place avid gamers hit with Paranoia seem out of doors of its affect on their display screen.


Blade Hurricane (Burst Hearth)

  • The time between consecutive Burst Hearth use has higher from 0.33 seconds >>> 0.45 seconds
  • Daggers thrown in Burst now have a injury falloff that starts at 12 meters and drops often (to 35 injury) at max falloff
  • Headshot multiplier on Burst Hearth lowered from 3x >>> 2x

Whilst we proceed to research a few of her oversized strengths, we predict the burst fireplace on her Blade Hurricane has been over-performing at lengthy levels. The burst fireplace is meant to be a detailed vary assault, however we discovered it regularly getting frags at over 20 meters away. Those adjustments goal to rein in its efficient vary whilst holding its shut vary efficiency.


Whilst Viper is more potent than ever, her total affect is less than we’d like. This around of adjustments continues in the similar vein as patch 1.07—expanding her flexibility, particularly when looking to play with teammates.


  • Viper now begins the around at 100 gasoline (up to now 50)

Now that Viper can position her wall pre-round, we wish her so that you can act together with her workforce proper at barrier drop with out the strain of additionally looking to maximize her gasoline for an preliminary transfer.

Snake Chew

  • Susceptible debuff implemented from Snake Chew now lingers for two seconds after leaving Viper’s acid

In an instant shedding the susceptible debuff upon go out wasn’t developing the danger we’ve was hoping for once we added it. This alteration will have to make the Viper (and workforce) merit window extra sensible, in addition to venture a novel danger on fighters taking part in round it.

Viper’s Pit

  • Transfer velocity doubled whilst casting
  • Viper now rapid equips her weapon after casting, re-equip occasions range consistent with gun—however on reasonable will cut back her weapon down time by means of .Four seconds

The mix of a gradual placement and re-equip time was once leading to Viper avid gamers getting too harm or killed whilst casting ults in a scenario we felt will have to be lovely secure. This alteration will have to building up the positional choices to be had whilst casting, and get your weapon up faster.



  • Hearth price bonus lowered from 25% >>> 15%

At its earlier fireplace price, we felt Empress was once too efficient when the usage of heavies/smgs, AND too rapid to grasp the exchange in spray development on rifles. We are hoping this variation permits us to deal with each problems directly, whilst additionally giving us a possibility to have a unified fireplace price building up (matching Brimstone’s stim beneath) that avid gamers can be told and grasp.


Stim Beacon

  • Hearth price bonus higher from 10% >>> 15%

Paired with Reyna’s exchange (above), we felt Brimstone’s stim may just use a bit extra punch. This additionally unifies our two fireplace price building up buffs, making them more uncomplicated to be told.

Weapon Updates

Prior to you leap to press that “ship” button, please learn our pondering at the back of the Operator adjustments beneath. The Operator’s been a widespread speaking level across the group in the previous few patches, so endure with us.

The Operator serves the most important function in VALORANT: It supplies probably the most tricky tactical problem for groups to triumph over, requiring strategic making plans and suave software use. We’ve been taking a protracted have a look at the weapon to check out to know the easiest way to regulate a few of its oversized strengths whilst making sure it stays probably the most tough angle-holding weapon within the arsenal.

For you Competitive Operators—dry peeking angles with an Operator is noticeably simpler than we’d like (particularly when leap peeking). Moreover, pushing an Operator off of an perspective with software feels much less precious because the consumer is in a position to re-peek and kill their opponent at a competent price. This suite of mechanical adjustments (deadzone, scoped transfer velocity, firing price, equip time, leap land inaccuracy) objectives those problems, expanding counterplay round high-mobility Operator play. The Operator continues to be slightly potent at peeking angles however predictable repeeks will have to be more uncomplicated to punish.

Relating to Operator get entry to—we’re seeing a few of you acquire the Operator+Armor combo as early as around Three and snowballing that lead into further Ops all the way through the part. The brand new value level delays the Operator’s look and will increase the penalty for demise with one in hand. We are hoping to higher steadiness the chance/praise of the usage of this top rate weapon.

A similar observe on breaking angles with skills: Many skills within the sport are constructed to aggressively take angles, particularly when a formidable weapon just like the Operator is posted on that perspective. The fresh adjustments to Breach have given avid gamers get entry to to extra tough angle-breaking software, nevertheless it nonetheless looks like there’s extra to be achieved. We’re having a look at a couple of adjustments for a few Brokers, however they’ll want some further reps internally to construct self assurance round them. Be expecting extra from us at some point!

—Max “Orcane” Grossman, Lead Agent Dressmaker


  • Larger value from 4500 >>> 5000
  • Diminished scoped motion velocity from 76% >>> 72%
  • Adjusted weapon deadzone from changing into misguided at 30% motion velocity >>> 15% (turn into misguided faster, turn into correct later when preventing)
  • Firing price lowered from .75 >>> .6
  • Quick equip time adjusted from 0.3 >>> 0.5 (immediate equip performs after tapping orb, bomb defuse/plant faucet, Jett Cloud Burst, and Phoenix Curveball)
  • Leg shot injury lowered from 127 >>> 120

All Guns

We’ve spotted a pattern the place avid gamers touchdown from a leap are in a position to shoot as it should be faster than is affordable. Whilst this factor is maximum pronounced at the Operator, it’s one thing that we’ve spotted throughout all guns. Bounce peeking is efficacious for the mixup attainable it supplies nevertheless it was once proving too tricky for avid gamers to slightly handle. Those adjustments retain that mixup attainable whilst rather expanding the time ahead of the peeker can fireplace with easiest accuracy.

  • Bounce land inaccuracy state modified from slow >>> binary
  • Bounce land inaccuracy period higher from .2 >>> .225
  • Bounce land inaccuracy worth higher from 5.0 >>> 7.0 (extra misguided for .225s after a land)

Aggressive Updates

  • All the way through this patch, the possibilities of being in an hour+ queue will have to be particularly lowered

That is already an overly uncommon incidence, however it could possibly occur extra regularly for top rank avid gamers—particularly in premade teams. We also are performing some tuning at the back of the scenes to stay excessive rank fits discovered after lengthy queue occasions slightly balanced and truthful.

Social Updates

Gamers which were reported for irrelevant Revolt IDs will now be reviewed robotically after the fit has ended. If their identify is flagged as irrelevant, they are going to be pressured to switch their Revolt ID the following time they log in to the Revolt Consumer.

  • Got rid of Multi-line Breaks in Chat

Some sneaky other people had been impersonating machine messages to troll others into quitting a fit. Sufficient!

  • Adjustments to birthday party push to speak settings will now take impact straight away
  • The chat window can now be pinned to stick open throughout menus
  • Social Panel Sorting Good judgment

Sorting set of rules for the social panel has been up to date to make it extra intuitive for avid gamers as they have interaction with it.

Worm Fixes

  • Mounted factor the place Sova’s hitbox was once wrong whilst the usage of his Owl Drone
  • Mounted worm the place Omen’s sparkling eyes weren’t correctly got rid of when he cancelled his ult
  • Mounted a worm the place Customized Sport personal tastes can be wiped after navigating clear of the Customized Sport foyer

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