Ultimate Fable VII Remake: The Weight of Departures & Reunions

The unique Ultimate Fable VII catapulted JRPGs into the limelight and established a brand new usual for expansive gameworlds and emotional tales. Ultimate Fable VII Remake is an homage to and reimagining of its predecessor’s motifs: Eco-activism, classism, atonement, and companionship (amongst many different vital topics). We display how Remake’s plot beats will also be reevaluated with the subjects of departure and reunion in thoughts.

Sq. Enix plans to inform Cloud’s intensive tale in portions however, for the reason that first access only makes a speciality of Midgar, Ultimate Fable VII veterans get to enjoy the unique sport’s introductory atmosphere and characters in additional nuanced techniques. The prime stakes stay the similar: The fallout from the Mako Reactor 1 and five bombings, the eventual destruction of the slums, and Sephiroth’s surprising and terrifying go back. Our video essay considers those emotional moments and appears to offer different interpretations surrounding Remake’s maximum vital plot motivations.

There are lots of scenes that Sq. Enix should disclose and unpack in upcoming installments, however we’re excited to look what the longer term holds for Cloud and co. 

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