Triple Double Diamond – $25 Double Most sensible Buck – Prime Prohibit Slot Play

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44 Replies to “Triple Double Diamond – $25 Double Most sensible Buck – Prime Prohibit Slot Play”

  1. I played slot machines and I fix slot machines once you start getting cherries you need to get off it that's all it's going to give you his Sherry

  2. Im,Paul and if i hit a power ball or Mega money, I would buy a Monday thru friday job and They Iwould make them wouvzçx xx x

  3. Hey NJSG, why bet $25 times 2 = $50 when it pays you it multiplies your base bet denom by the points awarded when you can just bet $50 times 1 and when you are awarded points it will be multiplied by $50 base bet as opposed to the $25 base bet that you are making anyways? So what is the benefit of betting $25 times two, if there is one?

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  5. That TD machine alwayz starts with 5 on the bonus, that should be an error for a machine to alwayz generate the same first number.

  6. 1:00, you said “Gotta Looooove those cherries” as if you were announcing the call letters for WNBC in New York City on the air.

    Congrats and let’s see some hats with your catch phrase along with two cherries.

    Love AC, hope all is well with you and yours.

  7. Wow that was a battle! Very entertaining! No KO but you scuffled good with that TD lol! Thanks NJ! 🍀 wishing you a tremendous win!

  8. "Any bars to throw everything off" I am glad that I am not the only one that thinks that way! Happy you got some nice hits!

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