25 Replies to “Top Stakes Duel | Spherical 1 | Antonio Esfandiari vs. Phil Hellmuth”

  1. Antonio✌️🤩 kolli hal kardm ba dad farsi harf Mizann☺️😍 i have a plan to move in united states in close future, My primary goal will be meet Mr.Ivey and Mr.eSfandiari in person and of course burning Man 💭🃏✅

  2. I'm gonna start boycotting any program that embraces this lie. Do you have the feintest comprehension of how small a virus is and how gigantic the holes in the fabric are that you wear on your face? You might as well just hold up a sign that reads "I am STUPID"

  3. OMG Phil Hellmuth is so fish that he asks: "aren't you supposed to show first?". WTF dude, you have been playing for 30 years straight.

  4. If you play a drinking game with every time these two clams said the word awkward youd be blind drunk before the halfway point of this fucking video

  5. The entire BLM narrative can not be backed up by any sort of scientific, mathematical or statistical data. In fact all the data shows the exact opposite of what they are stating. How is the group that commits the overwhelming percentage of racial crimes able to portray themselves as the victims?

  6. was this livestreamed? (obviously not) soooo why are all the cards and bets so delayed with being shown….its so hard to watch when theyre betting and we cant even see the flop or what the bet is

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