Top Restrict Playing! Lightning Money And Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin Slot Machines!

Some prime restrict play on the D On line casino Las Vegas! Experience!!!


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42 Replies to “Top Restrict Playing! Lightning Money And Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin Slot Machines!”

  1. Overall, would you say table games are a better payout than slots for you ? Do you prefer one over the other? Love your videos as always! 😊

  2. I love wheel of fortune, but those were some bad beats on the wheel. 25 bucks shouldn't be there when you are betting 10 a spin

  3. Instead of putting five hundred in all at once, try feeding the machine a $20 at a time… I get the feeling that these machines are taught to take whatever is in the machine… I could be wrong, but it's like fishing… Give and take until the hook is deeply in there… Anyways, I love seeing your smiling pretty face! You'll hit it soon!

  4. Ouch! This session was the equivalent of going hiking on a beautiful trail with hopes and dreams of communing with nature, only to get bitten by an unseen insect, have a bad reaction to the bite, become disoriented, and be found by a search party three days later as you are speaking to imaginary people and attempting to eat one of your socks.

    Hopefully other sessions that day were not as sour! The sourness level here was akin to a kid selling lemonade but forgetting to put sugar in it, and you have to chug the glass and pretend it is yummy so as not to hurt the kid’s feelings. And then you get in your car and pull away quickly so the kid doesn’t see you dry heave.

    Ah well, can’t win ‘em all. Your video was still fun, as always! Here’s hoping the next round is better! 🎰♥️

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