TOP five Twitch Playing Fails

We’re again to rely down the largest playing fails on Twitch!

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32 Replies to “TOP five Twitch Playing Fails”

  1. I recently lost £80 in the stock market because I didn't know what I was doing and watching people lose 100k makes me feel slightly better in a weird way.

  2. This one time I won 3k in blackjack and this $5 bonus was blocking me from withdrawing either I gamble 10k or try and loose the 5 well I lost all and went to 0

  3. How stupid one has to be to bet 80k in CS skins on one of these skins gamblin sites that we all know full well are scams. He had 0 chance to win. Oh well as long there is gonna be sheep there gonna be shepherds

  4. I build cool stuff, like wooden boats and houses.. I have no fuckong idea what the actual "fails" are in this.. but think they will survive

  5. 5:07 Ummmm. am I the only one who noticed how crooked this blackjack game is? Dealer is supposed to have two cards after she deals to the players. She clearly deals herself the second card after the players act on their hands.

  6. NOTE, the blackjack dealer pulled a third card and hit her 20, (and put it back)…….NOT ALLOWED the table should be PAID

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