Top Curler VIP Blackjack Consultation


My day-to-day are living streams have moved to TWITCH! Can be are living 6 days every week there, doing the loopy bets that you simply all love. Practice the twitch with notifications became out to be sure you do not leave out the streams! 17:00 EST on a regular basis rather than Friday! See you there!

As of late, we’re again at the VIP blackjack desk playing 1000’s, I’m hoping you ENJOY!

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Unique stability used to be backed by way of the on line casino, however the redeposited finances had been my very own. 18+


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42 Replies to “Top Curler VIP Blackjack Consultation”

  1. Small stakes sessions compared your previous sessions aren't as enjoyable watch! LET'S SEE SOME BIGGER STAKES, GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT !!!

  2. Acctually you lost about 200-300 overall this session so technically its not a profit 🤔 anyways good content love to watch your stuff👌🏾

  3. You never double if they have a 10, Jack, queen, king or ace, even if you have 10 or 11. If anyone doubles when the dealer has one of those cards they don't have a clue how to play black jack.

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