Top Curler Blackjack – Massive Bets – #104

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Blackjack Sport Play
1:30 Blackjack Do not Double Technique
1:48 Blackjack Sport Play
7:54 Blackjack Technique
9:07 Blackjack
10:45 Technique
11:01 Sport Play

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1. Blackjack is leisure and now not a substitute of a role
2. On-line Casinos are Evil
3. Through the years the on line casino all the time wins
4. I pay my expenses prior to I play
5. I most effective play with additional source of revenue.

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The meant objective of this video is to supply training and leisure on quite a lot of desk video games together with however now not restricted to blackjack, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, Expectantly you experience and observe alongside in this adventure. Discover ways to play blackjack elementary technique. Play Blackjack with the broker on this first particular person view layout.

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38 Replies to “Top Curler Blackjack – Massive Bets – #104”

  1. aya mau beritahu hati2 tuk bermain di web hokibet… dan di kelas judi on line nya itu tepatnya di pt ag dan dg kasino sebenernya kita di tipu mentah2…. cara mereka membuat jaringan live streamnya seolah oleh jaringannya low atau lemot pafahal di titik itu mereka menipu para member… gak mungkin setiap deposit kalah,,, setiap mukul besar kalah….. kepada member judi lebih baik main di web terpecaya seperti sbobet… daripada web ga jelas macam ag dan dg

  2. My wife made some assume masks. They are red and black with the "A" of Spades and the "Jack" of Diamonds. Thought you might get a kick kick.

  3. Nice vid Matt! I’ve been watching for a while, and I do admit, you were the one who got me into blackjack! Also I love the apron to. It goes really well with the rest of the merchandise!

  4. Awesome Matt..Hopefully we get a chance to play on the tables in Vegas side by side. Enjoy watching a person that understands strategy whether win or lose. Never split 10s…LETS GO!! lol

  5. I can’t watch your videos because of your sloppy dealer. It’s too frustrating. Can you either change card brands or get him to train up. Thanks

  6. Where can I buy the playing cards with big numbers? I can’t find them where I live.. happy Father’s Day to all the fathers there

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