38 Replies to “Tom Dwan – I Am Top Stakes Poker [Full Interview]”

  1. C'est un très très bon joueur de poker en ligne mais il n'a jamais gagné un seul bracelet WSOP pour l'instant, après il a la trentaine il est encore très jeune alors ce sera peut être pour plus tard, il y a chris ferguson qui a remporté le main event des wsop dans les années 2000 mais bon Chris à la cinquantaine

  2. Watching this was more educational than many educational contents out there.
    I really like the part where he says he loves to face people who supposedly knows it all, and the way he says it is poker nature to take your best guess and that's all. It's an important point because it's easy for a poker player, like me, to fall into the rabbit hole of perfectionism, and I don't think that's healthy.

  3. I think his response to the question about Full Tilt/Black Friday speaks a lot to Tom's actual character. He's still clearly emotional/angry/frustrated about what happened and the way that FT and other players responded. Good guy imo, hope he's doing well

  4. At 50.14 when being asked about why he’s an ambassador you can see him say “ well you know I have de…” as if he’s trying to tell the reporter it’s because he has debts to pay. Interesting he also speaks about grinding because he has to I wander how much he owes Paul Phua ?

  5. Man i love Tom, been watching him play since the early FT days but he never seems to open up a lot in interviews, i recommend you guys watching the ones with Jason Koon and Andrew Robl, really great stuff.

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