Titans sure exams research, Bucs-Bears, CFB playing selections, Braves on fireplace, VP debate

Listed below are the subjects Clay covers in this Thursday, October 8, 2020 version of OutKick the Display:

00:37- Tennessee playing starts
3:08- Extra sure Titans exams, how will the NFL transfer ahead?
6:31- Will the Titans be pressured to forfeit? How it might have an effect on the league.
8:34- Bucs-Bears TNF this night
9:36- VP debate
11:40- CFB playing selections

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25 Replies to “Titans sure exams research, Bucs-Bears, CFB playing selections, Braves on fireplace, VP debate”

  1. Why don't the doctors encourage boosting the immunity system preventive strategies? I believe herd immunity could do that.

  2. Clay needs half the World to perish including his whole family,, in order to take COVID seriously..😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. But if people are choosing to tune out of sports how is it they still chose to gamble on games? Is there a mysterious disconnect we're seeing between gambling on and viewing of the games?

  4. Gambling is only good if you own the casino. Legal gambling doesn’t make it a good idea. The poor citizens will always get the worst end of the deal.

  5. Surprised Florida is only favored by 6.5 against A&M, just from seeing what we've seen so far you'd think Florida would beat that ass. I guess it's @ A&M but still

  6. A white militia was going to kidnap the governor of Michigan, kill police, liberate the government, and start a race war. SOUNDS LIKE TERRORISTS TO ME. Stand back and stand by. Trumps words. Not mine. But ya'll got a problem with lebron, colin kapranick and the protest? Get honest with y'all selves.

  7. I'm not saying Clay is right or wrong, just throwing in an opinion. I don't have any allegiance for or against the Titans. I personally don't see that they did anything really wrong — if I understand it correctly, they went to practice at a site because of the virus. I think it's okay, especially since they had no pre-season. Regarding the postponing of games — the NFL has a mess on its hands. As we get into colder weather, we may see more situations like this infection issue from other teams. I'm not in favor of forfeits — that would be bad because of the revenue loss. Stadium attendance isn't the only means of money-making for games — there's also TV advertising.

  8. In a professional setting, yes Pence is the best at advocating for 4 more years of Trump. At a rally? Get tf out of the way and let Trump do his thing. I’d argue more people today are Trump voters because of who Donald Trump is than they are because of Mike Pence. There’s certainly more people that don’t like him. But there’s a lot of new fans too.

  9. Remember to always hedge Clay! Always goin with favorites with his lame ass! Lol stick to journalism and Outkick please! We love Outkick!

  10. So you think that she did ok even though she lied her ass off and said nothing worth hearing? Also if the democrats get in this year and actually do the shit they want to do. You think there will be another election? End the EC Add 2 states open the boarders and stack the courts? Yeah its over if they do this crap.

  11. If Trump loses he's not term limited out – he can run for another (single term) in 2024 – this happened with Grover Cleveland.

  12. CLAY TRAVIS you have a big mouth trust me you wouldn't be sitting where you are if it wasn't for these guys that you make a living off of you dummy.

  13. I say just let Titans and Bills play.
    If that means that the Titans have to use a bunch of scrubs to fill out their roster then so be it.

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