Time is an phantasm within the trailer for Synchronic

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s new movie Synchronic would possibly give Guideline a run for its cash because the time-bending film of the 12 months.

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan megastar as Steve and Dennis, paramedics in New Orleans who change into stuck up in a chain of grotesque injuries left within the wake of a brand new drug. The results of the drug ripple into Steve and Dennis’ lives, as Dennis’ daughter mysteriously disappears, and Steve starts taking the drug after receiving a deadly prognosis.

The trailer presentations Steve apparently leaping thru time and far and wide the arena because of the consequences of the drug, or even seeking to movie a video of himself taking it with a view to end up the drug is doing what he thinks it’s. Although the movie for sure turns out to have extra of a science fiction bent than Guideline does, in addition to extra psychedelic visuals, Steve and Dennis are pressured to reckon with shifts in time and a ticking clock.

The movie is ready to hit theaters and drive-ins on Oct. 23.

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