Throughout the Edge: A Skilled Blackjack Journey – Respectable Trailer

The documentary movie, “Inside of The Edge” is an unheard of glimpse into the sector of elite blackjack avid gamers as they tackle casinos for tens of millions. To be had Now! iTunes:
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16 Replies to “Throughout the Edge: A Skilled Blackjack Journey – Respectable Trailer”

  1. I go to Vegas A LOT! I am a degenerate. I typically only play BJ a little but one thing that stands out is many many houses now pay 6 to 5 on getting a natural blackjack 21 which is a huge house advantage from paying one and a half to only 6 to 5 so on a $25 bet unknowing they pay out $30 and I was like wow time to leave. Just another thing the house is doing to favor themselves.

  2. Just watched it on Amazon. If you're keen on BJ or are an aspiring AP or even just a fan of road movies it's well worth a watch. IMO it concentrates a little too much on the heat he was getting and not enough on the actual playing conditions and other, more casino specific info but overall it was an enjoyable ride. It's funny how many Americans just think the world begins and ends with North America. There's a whole world of BJ games available KC. Go get 'em.

  3. hard work? there billions of poor people in china and your siting there with stacks of 100s of k's beside you?
    try living in nyc 1 of the most expensive city in the planet making under the poverty line and then say its hard work LOL
    some people…

  4. All these disguises people do blows me away. I wish I could develop the confidence, creativity, and determination to disguise myself to such extent.

  5. So I take it that you are done with BJ . My assumption is based on the video? How long did you play (many years)? What count did you use and most importantly what was your net earnings?
    I have played 47 years . I now use TKO full index. My net is right at 1 million. I have been back room once and hit in the head with a nite stick. I have been banned from one casino. So as you can see I have played mostly unabated for a very long career.

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