23 Replies to “This Poker Inform Gained Me a $1400 Pot!”

  1. Been here in Vegas my whole life, never paid much attention to poker till recently. I love these vlogs and learn a lot. I'm trying to build up the courage to actually sit at a table someday. I feel like I can compete, just a little shaky on the betting amount and playing postion. One of these days!

  2. When i first started playing, i fell for this one guys trick, where he got me to bet by pulling out his wallet and riffling through his bills like he was ready to rebuy if he lost

  3. Kudos, I too learned a hard lesson earlier in my learning curve giving up pocket kings to a guy who overactive for a call. Good tell

  4. Another win. Nice!
    I love that you like the silence and comfort of that room. Some good coffee and a snuggle/chat with the Miss would be perfect

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