THIS Loopy Poker Hand Made Him Take His Masks Off!!! JohnnieVibes TOP SET vs Gutshot Directly Draw

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44 Replies to “THIS Loopy Poker Hand Made Him Take His Masks Off!!! JohnnieVibes TOP SET vs Gutshot Directly Draw”

  1. Ridiculous; sitting and Gambling now; its all about the “long run” in poker theory – you can show your ‘talent’ etc in the the “long run”. Thing is is with a pandemic around there’s no such thing and it’s probably an even “shorter run” than Normal Times so this is pre Gambling! Playing poker and suffering some losses now when you don’t know your opponents will even come back to you back and not knowing your own longevity is pretty stupid. Plus they are are wearing masks but no Gloves!? What about stuff getting transmitted via the chips bring constantly handled. Makes NO sense to play like this.

  2. Questionable call, gut shots a straight. Questionable all in, fills up the boat. Poker is definitely a game with some huge swings.

  3. Gotta be a degen or trying to make ends meet to be around public. Now doctors are saying the long term health effects could be really bad

  4. 1984 2020 We are poker lovers and to put up with this nonsense of c02 instead of 02 and the nerve to put up plexiglass between us is insanity. Wipe out the economy's from a fairy tale.

  5. Nobody talking about francisco folding JTs on the first hand after a raise, a 3 bet and a call? What kind of nit is that?
    No wonder jonyvibes folds trip kings instantly on the last hand.

    And – result oriented – look at that massive flop he would have got.

  6. let me get this straight, going to push chips around play with them constantly, adjust masks, shuffle cards, but masks and plexiglass are going to do anything?

    This is all for show, I'll go along with masks, but don't think I believe any of this crap. Just biding my time.

  7. There is no evidence of a pandemic besides what the news is telling you. Viruses are not alive and can't be transmitted through casual contact.

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