This Ex-Playing Addict Is helping Folks With Playing Habit In Japan | EVERYDAY BOSSES #34

Regardless that playing is illegitimate in Japan, a variety of Eastern expand a playing habit. However the situation isn’t widely known in Japan. Right here, we meet …

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  1. "The government is not willing to provide any support for those who have a gambling addiction." And why would it? It (government) makes a lot of money off of legalized gambling. Above all else, government loves MONEY. Government will NEVER give up a source of money. Government is the biggest enabler of gambling!

  2. Wow japanese people are very rational to give solutions when she was about to talk of her plan i expect she wanted to get rid of it altogether but i was wrong unlike most westerners who do similar thing but their main goal was only to banned/outlaw particular activities that makes them addicted instead of telling government to make rehabilitation centre themself

  3. I think a series talking about suicide would be great, since Japan is one of the country with the highest rates of suicides in the world

  4. Everything that was said and shown here is the complete truth here in Japan. They nailed the fact they said everywhere and every corner there’s always a “pachinko slot”. 5min away (by foot) from my house there’s this building where they have that. When you go to malls, expect they’d have gambles like that nearby. Everywhere you go, left and right you’d always see that place and you always wonder why there are soooo many cars in the parking and you would also wonder what it’s like in there and I, myself was even curious to the point I ALMOST went in there (gladly I didn’t). Pachinko slot buildings are always so captivating, like you’d always see beautiful neon lights attracting people to make them want to go in there, and they’d have this big bilboard posters with anime girls advertising slots, etc… so I can’t really blame some people who falls into that endless trap. I wish someday they’ll tackle this issue here in Japan and fix that problem. Honestly Game centers here in Japan might also start that early addiction to younger kids 😔 because when you go in any Game Center here in japan, they don’t just have arcades and stuff in there… you’d be surprised you’d find another slot or something relatable to it and it’s really hard to leave in there till you realize you blew hundreds of dollars for a certain prize. 💀 BUT that’s just my opinion about the Game Center, I am not positively sure it could be one of another reasons for obsessions. What do you think?

  5. Está permitido que entren niños a un pachinko? uno de ellos empezó a los 14, y recuerdo el caso del secuestro de una niña de 5 años dentro de uno de estos establecimientos (ambos padres estaban en las maquinitas mientras su hija fue secuestrada… el colmo del colmo, pobre niña, para mi eran padre irresponsables pero seguramente también estaban enfermos, eran adictos al juego)

  6. Don't enter the house, at all. This is the only way to truly win. If nobody comes to casino, casino will loose and go bankrupt.

  7. 0:28 「320万人がギャンブル依存症と闘っています」と言っているが、その人数は誤報で後に70万人に訂正されている。

  8. sorry out of topic. can u make japan people reaction to masahiro higashide affairs? i'm curious. if i to over this, i'm sorry

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