TheDooo has a Playing Dependancy.

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47 Replies to “TheDooo has a Playing Dependancy.”

  1. The core game play seems cool asf, but the aiming in this on console is super fucking weird. I don't think there's any form of aim assist at all. I am bad at most shooter games, but I am like completely dog shit at this one.

  2. I don’t understand why you left.I wasn’t talking to you to give you space to heal so you could come back to me but I guess you didn’t even try.If you think I don’t care ur wrong.I do but I’ll always be here for alright 😌

  3. I actually think this game is extremely fun, stopped playing day z and modern warfare to play it, it’s very simple but the guns are very good and real, I hope to see it progress

  4. why is this games visuals so good. the gameplay is a mess but its q foreign br so what do you expect. but why does it look so good

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