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  1. Like 90% of the time when you trap with aces they get cracked . For me better strategy is to raise so atleast you have some idea what the other guy may have vs not raising or not raising enough and have people call with 69 suited or something like that and flop a two pair and you have no idea where u are at

  2. Pantoja was beat by A-K, A-Q, and Q’s. And he was splitting with A-J. If he raised for information pre-flop then he should’ve checked the flop.

    Also, his opponent could’ve had J’s or K-10s, so he definitely shouldn’t have bet on the River.

  3. Whenever me watch poker videos, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Nirvana, Delta Parole, Smashing Pumpkins etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  4. These guys are actually degenerate gamblers, like im not judging, but at least be competent when your top pair . I myself would never have been trapped in such a position, these guys are no names at the end of the day.

  5. The first Aces play was donkey shit…He got lucky the dummy called with an overcard on the turn…
    He should have went all in preflop…Dummy would have called then…

  6. Why does the Player with A-J ist firering at all three stages? I mean he gets called after a 4-bet. So the range of his opponent should pretty much be pocket Aces to Queens. A-K and A-Qs. After the flop comes A-Q-4 he is beaten by 32 of 38 possible holdings. Only Kings hasn't beaten him. So why does he bet? Or do u think his opponent has a much wider range?

  7. Amateur slowplays big hand
    Commentator: well, all amateurs do this mistake
    Pro slowplays big hand
    Commentator: what a trap

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