The UK Advertising Regulator Bans William Hill’s TV Ad

A TV effort launched by William Mound has been prohibited by the UK advertisement governor.

The TV ad promoting the company’s on-line lotto featured a womanhood who hurried her economize to study by rambling the time advancing. As presently as the man was out the doorway, the char hurried to log onto William Mound keno. The womanhood continued to frolic on-line beano and touched the workforce of the time backrest expression: “Doesn’t clip fly?”

The ad was prohibited by the Advertisement Standards Dominance on the evidence that it depicted and condoned gaming conduct that was socially irresponsible. Furthermore, the ASA standard septenary complaints, in which viewers objected that the ad was harmful because it “depicted person who was addicted to gaming and was attempting to fell that from their kinfolk by deception”.

William Mound didn’t concur expression that the ad had a humourous feeling and didn’t potray socially irresponsible behaviour.

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