The Street Warriors w/Blackjack Mulligan vs. Kevin Sullivan, Bob Roop and The Pink Haze, 1986

Florida Championship Wrestling recorded from the good Channel 48 WGGT-TV out of Greensboro, NC.

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  1. I recall watching on netflix that I think either arn anderson or someone else looked at their back area ring schedule and didn't want the rws. Truely classic. WWE Sucks. They can't even figure out wrestlemania. WTF!!!

  2. The Road Warriors will forever be the greatest tag team to ever step in the shared circle hands down! There will never be another ever! RIP Hawk ♥️

  3. This was wrestling at its Very Best!!!! I don’t think those fans knew how LUCKY they were to be witnessing Wrestling Gold!!! Only if The WWE was half this good today!!!

  4. Championship Wrestling from Florida, Inc. was the name of the company. Florida Championship Wrestling was a company that came later.

  5. Pure PANDEMONIUM!! That sellout crowd was standing and cheering throughout!! That's the old school Golden Age wrasslin I grew up on!!

  6. As Jeff Mccall asked 2 months ago: What is the name of the song that Kevin Sullivan came out too?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds pretty damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was when wrestling had territories. In the south it was NWA, northeast had WWWF (changed to WWF then WWE), Midwest had AWA. Wrestling seemed more fun then. Matches would be at the same venues once a week for the most part instead of waiting months or even years to come to the area

  8. Kevin Sullivan had to reach the bottom depths of Dante's Inferno to find someone as crazier as him. And found him he did in the guise of Maniac Mark Lewin.

  9. What an incredible match! We got NWA on TV (TBS network) where I lived in 1987. I love watching these old matches I dreamed of watching while turning the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated in the early 80's. I was truly scared of Sullivan when I was a little kid. Awesome!

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