The Quickest Method to Memorize Blackjack Fundamental Technique

Fundamental Technique in 21 Statements:

The Fundamental Technique Chart:

Fundamental technique is the basis to beating blackjack, and on this video Colin goes to show you the quickest solution to memorize fundamental technique.

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42 Replies to “The Quickest Method to Memorize Blackjack Fundamental Technique”

  1. Dude! Your videos have helped me alot with basic strategy and card counting. I make 130$ into 300$ in 30mins! 1v1 on the dealer !!😁👌💰👏👏

  2. Hi, my name is John. You don't know me, but I've studied your videos for hours a day for over 3 years. Yesterday was my first successful day where I was able to use basic strategy and card counting and won over $8000. Now that I know I can do this consistently, I'll be forever in your debt. It's all thanks to 5 hours a day studying basic strategy and card counting for 3 years.

  3. Your basic strategy is slightly different than some other ones posted online. What are the reasons behind some of the differences?

  4. Bro you gnna make me a lot of money I've been watching so many of your videos . Still never played in a real casino but I'm confident if I memorize this basic strategy I can at least make a couple hundred and most of all have a good time .

  5. It's harder to learn when you have to take into accounts the different charts needed for single-deck, multi-deck, dealer hits/stands on S17, etc.

  6. 2s or 3s against dealer 2 or 3 states double only if DAS is allowed, otherwise don't split. Does this mean once you double you have to split? Seems odd to double on a 2 or 3. Need clarification..

    Also is this chart one fits all regardless of table rules? S17, H17, 2 shoe, 6 shoe, surrender etc..

  7. Question: In your playing, have you ever (often?) hit a run where you throw out all the rules and just play the deck? I. e. your count is terrible, but you are winning every hand. So just go with the flow?

  8. Colin, There is a better way to learn basic strategy. Less confusing and easier for the brain to track. We use individual flash cards to learn every possible combination in blackjack. The trouble is, you call ace hands soft hands. That should never be the case. if you refer to ace hands any other way than ace-2, ace-3, ace-4. ace -5 and so on. You are confusing your own brain. if you hit ace-2 with a five, you have ace-7. this is the best way to learn and understand basic strategy, especially soft hands. When i played as a team, i had to play five of the seven hands on the table at one time. That is not possible unless one knows basic strategy fast and accurate.Reading the initial BS chart for single deck would read. 8 double 5,6, otherwise hit. 9 double 2-6 otherwise hit. 10 double 2-9 otherwise hit. 11 always double. 12 stand 4,5,6 otherwise hit. 13-16 stand 2-6 otherwise hit and so on.

  9. I can't practice on apps. Have to use real cards cause these damn apps start with a Ace face card every 3 hands and hit 19 to 21 every time. While I'm getting 5, 7 and hit gets me at best 15 just before the face card hits me to 22. If I play the proper hit, stand, the apps push me when I finally get my 17 to 20.

  10. Do you have a app that simulates actual games where you can make virtual bets (not real) pick the deck count maybe distractions add a captcha or something and other variables to track your actual playing progess?

  11. On the basic rules chart, you split 9's but not tens. I don't understand that, especially against a dealers 4,5,6. If you're hoping they bust anyway with a 4,5,6, then maximize your potential winnings. Also I'm surprised there is not another chart if you're counting, so if the deck is -5 and the dealer has a 2-6, then stand if you have over 11.

  12. Stupid question, I was looking at the basic strategy chart and it tells you to double and stand for an A,7, when dealers upcard is 2-6. But to just stand on A,8. Why wouldn't you double and then stand on an hard/soft 18-20 if you have a clear advantage? Doesn't make sense to me

  13. Learn basic strategy with Anki.
    Anki is an SRS "spaced repetition system" that uses flashcards.

    I memorized the statements with minimal effort, and it organized spaced revision in optimal intervals for maximum retention.

    It was really easy.
    I practice memory athletes, and am currently learning different languages using Anki.

    It is the pinnacle of studying software, commonly used by Medical students to study for tests.

  14. I think you are making it really hard on purpose. Why not simply show us in a practical sense with the chart as a refer point. Watching a video without a practical side to me makes understanding blackjack even harder than it is.

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  17. Colin, if a casino allows Early surrender with dealer Ten but doesnt allow any other form of late or early surrender, is this better for player than having late surrender against T, A?.

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