The Place of work tops Netflix, Disney originals as most-streamed display of 2020

Nielsen’s year-end abstract takes into consideration the ever-growing line up of streaming products and services. Nonetheless, except Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian, the entire displays within the best 15 have been on Netflix in 2020. For extra context, Nielsen numbers best have in mind displays seen thru TV displays in america. If Buddies on HBO Max racked up billions of perspectives by way of the carrier’s cell app, we merely have no idea.

In all probability it’s no marvel that the at all times widespread The Place of work crowned the checklist. The display was once on Netflix thru ultimate 12 months, however in 2021 jumped to NBC’s new carrier Peacock. Out of the remainder displays, 4 Netflix originals make the checklist: Ozark, Lucifer, The Crown, and Tiger King. The entire checklist is as follows:

  1. The Place of work (57.1 billion)
  2. Gray’s Anatomy (39.four billion)
  3. Legal Minds (35.four billion)
  4. Ozark (30.five billion)
  5. NCIS (28.1 billion)
  6. Schitt’s Creek (23.eight billion)
  7. Supernatural (20.three billion)
  8. Lucifer (19 billion)
  9. Shameless (18.2 billion)
  10. The Crown (16.three billion)
  11. Tiger King (15.6 billion)
  12. New Woman (14.five billion)
  13. The Mandalorian (14.five billion)
  14. The Blacklist (14.five billion)
  15. Vampire Diaries (14.1 billion)

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