The HeroQuest board sport is again from the useless, with a brand new challenge from Hasbro

On Friday, toy maker Hasbro dropped a bombshell at the global of tabletop gaming. HeroQuest, the vintage dungeon-crawling journey first revealed in 1990, is again. The Rhode Island-based corporate introduced a brand new site, together with a mysterious timer. It’s these days counting right down to a statement at midday ET on Sept. 21.

In the beginning revealed by way of Milton Bradley, with artwork and miniatures by way of Video games Workshop, the sunshine role-playing sport used to be designed by way of the mythical Stephen Baker (Area Campaign, BattleMasters, HeroQuest expansions). Older fanatics will most likely bear in mind the sport for it’s lavish live-action advertisements, whilst trendy fanatics might acknowledge it extra for its meme-worthy party by way of YouTuber BardicBroadcasts.

After a sequence of expansions and a extra complex sequel, the lineage of HeroQuest used to be break up in two. Video games Workshop endured to post religious successors below the Warhammer Quest line. The newest used to be set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and titled Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Citadel. The HeroQuest identify itself went to Moon Design Publications, which makes use of the logo identify for its line of tabletop RPGs set on the earth of Glorantha.

Hasbro’s site comprises artwork appearing a skeletal minion with an elaborate gold mantle round his shoulders. Each the skeleton’s headdress and his mantle resemble artwork for Go back of the Witch Lord, a variety for the unique HeroQuest sport first revealed in 1991. Units move for just about $165 at the collector’s marketplace these days whilst the bottom sport can command upwards of $250 or extra.

An image from the Quest Book for the HeroQuest expansion Return of the Witch Lord.

Picture: Charlie Corridor/Polygon

How the HeroQuest logo made its technique to Hasbro isn’t fully transparent. The site signifies the brand new sport might be revealed below the Avalon Hill imprint (Betrayal at Area at the Hill, Axis & Allies & Zombies), which used to be lately moved from the Wizards of the Coast staff (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Collecting) to Hasbro correct.

Remaining month Recovery Video games (Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar, Downforce, and the approaching Go back to Darkish Tower) made headlines when information broke that it had sought to check in the trademark HeroQuest Legacies — most likely a nod to co-founder Rob Daviau’s line of Legacy-style board video games (Possibility: Legacy and the Pandemic: Legacy collection). Polygon has reached out to Recovery Video games and Hasbro for more info.

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