The Group FINAL! Will YOU beat the Execs?! | Rank Roulette

The second one and ultimate a part of Harstem in opposition to the International. It is a tight name going into this episode with you guys main with three issues in entrance of the visitors with four and …

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  1. Harstem, once again, smashes the competition with a valiant second place, while the community only managed to get third-to-last.

  2. 21:10 – I only started watching the channel when you started the Harstem versus the World + Cronkonium (me) Competition. And so I'm glad I was here to bring the smarts & to help the community do well.

  3. I would love to get my stats as I guessed through the rounds. We did enter our names in there, could it be possible to look at my guests?

  4. If I may try to add a constructive criticism, in the future cut the names of both players. Some portion of the community is obviously going to just look up the name of the player on a ranking site otherwise. Knowing that killed the hype for the community portion a bit. Still good content though. <3

  5. Haha! Take THAT Harstem! I, HollowNaught, take this completely deserved victory that I gained with my own skill and hold the trophy high, as I stand atop the many backs that carried me

  6. Really hope we get access to viewer data in one form or another. Would be nice to see the average score of viewers (as opposed to average guess of viewers) and also to see where I rank amongst viewers.

  7. SalyT here. Man, that was the best and most correct pronunciation I've heard from a non-hungarian! I'm amazed and thank you very much! :O Clem thinking I'm plat is nice, surely the aim is to get there. Still working on it though. Thanks again for choosing one of my replays, definitely learned from your comments. And have a great Christmas everyone! 😉

  8. When you see the ranks of the players take into consideration the quantities of maches that they play. Maybe they are diamond level players but stuck in gold because they play 1 mach per month.

  9. 4:30 pls explane or give a link to rools. Why Harstem guess the rank, but he got no points? are they like penalty points? If it is, how can u regain the score, i mean make your count lower?

  10. "I know the community is gonna be so smug about winning" ……. 7 minutes later "I'm counting on my fingers for you guys because you guessed gold 3 and it was plat 2 how could you not see that from the replay"

  11. The thing that stuck out to me in round two was the protoss walled the main. You don't live past platinum as protoss if you don't wall the natural in pvz. Iirc I voted gold 1.

  12. I love you EU guys shit on NA but and always guess way to high on NA… IMO it was harder to get m3 on NA than EU. EU players are way to predictable… while “NA is like running backwards naked through a corn field” – Incontrol 2018

  13. My gusees here : 1) Master2 (M1):1 point :2) plat 2(g3):3 points 3) Gold 2 (Pl2):3 points 4) gold1 (G2): 1 point >> total : 8 points…nice (dont know what was the first one quess, dont see it here)

  14. God your trash at guessing, I guessed Dimond 3 and Im still better than your Dimond 1, masters 3 guess. GO NORTH AMERICANS! it's just a strategy to throw off your opponents. Really na is best

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