The Gamblers Spice up Or Wasted Likelihood? Summoner Showdown Ended Early? and Extra | MCN on The Street

In This Video: We glance a the summoner showdown, New Crystal Adjustments and A lot Extra. – FYI im at the street for a just right a part of this week so pre recorded content material and can see you all quickly from the place of job quickly.

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31 Replies to “The Gamblers Spice up Or Wasted Likelihood? Summoner Showdown Ended Early? and Extra | MCN on The Street”

  1. SIGIL DEAL THOUGHTS – So the summoner sigil deal looks good IF you have 9k 5 star shards to spare, you might get some units back for sure. BUT only do it for the fabulous crystals as i will be as you might get a left arm in that OR as what i have 3 arms and thinking WHY DO I BOTHER LOL!

  2. I can tell you people will get rid of the loot boxes. I dunno if you are paying attention to whatā€™s happening cuz itā€™s a lot of misinformation out there but definitely this is limited and they will eventually get pushed out or made to a point where the government takes soo much profit that game developers donā€™t want to do it anymore or maybe someone will get creative and make a great game and just sell it for what itā€™s worth with a monthly fee to play.

  3. The idea is cool and all but the chances of landing on a nexus is highly unlikely. They need to boost the drop rates if they want the community to get excited.

  4. Premium is crazy easy to get. I do think it should change. Grandmaster takes too long to gain and I get about the same result as premium. Premium needs 4* and up cuz no one uncollected needs 3*s. Plus we need increased chases to get them. I don't think premiums should change. When I was pre uncollected I got alot of my 4s from premium

  5. It's not too difficult to understand. Still 1% chance for a 6*, just the 6* has a 20% chance of being a nexus instead of a single champ

  6. This update is more a quality of life change for whales IMO, they will be able to choose champs they need to get to Sig 200 easier on that prestige race. The average player won't see a 6* Nexus from a Cavalier in their career.

  7. Codm makes a tonne of money and for 5$ you get lot of goodies every month plus tou have 1/7 chance for each draw (separate purchase) to get what you want. But, once you get an item you have 1/6 chance to get other items. So with 7 purchases you can get the entire bundle. Now if mcoc had a crystal 100 units. 7 crystals guaranteed a champ then its fine.. that is 700 units that will make more people spend and is achievable by non spenders as well. Remember you still meed to take them to r5 to be of any use in end game . At the time it is daylight robbery

  8. Got Platpool from the first two bundles (definitely the most lucky I have ever been in this game) and I think he is a lot of fun and possibly underrated. regardless, glad I got lucky when I did as a free to play since I'm not about to be buying sigil or a unit bundle for him.

  9. Hey Rich I follow yours videos for a while now, I have a question if someone else have been talk to you about this, kabam are stoping sending the code to reset the password accounts, I have been open plenty a tickets but the unswer its always the same…. Maybe if you share thia information maybe they will do something about thanks and keep the good work.

  10. I still think that these changes are for whales. Well f2p players dont event stand a chance. Sad but hey they are way better as getting a 5 star doom than a 5 star Iron patriot is way better from the GMCs.

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